The Audieres were a crime family who operated within Daggerfall and Skyrim. At it's peak in the Fourth Era it consisted of Basil Audiere, Tarsia Audiere, Ciele Audiere, Michell Audiere & Arles Audiere. Although Arles was in fact a false member of the family, who's real name was Edmont Galliere. The family were also renowned for corruptly ruling over Evermor in the Breton homeland, and Arles (Edmont) was a talented fiddler. During a party, Lord Basil went to his bedroom to find a Nord maid stealing jewels. After realising her skill, Basil assigned her to the Evermor Thieves Guild branch, where she eventually rose to the title of Guildmaster. The two were then married, and had 2 children, Ciele & Michell. As the first born male, Michell was anointed to be the next lord, which he declined. He decided to pursue his dreams in setting up an assassins order. After some time, Michell met the rogue Edmont Galliere, to which he offered him safety in the palace of Evermor. Basil took him under his wing and gave him a false identity as his illegitimate son. Edmont & Michell ran there own order from Evermor. Ciele soon became the Lady of Evermor, where she ruled as corrupt as her father. Basil had passed, and had bequeathed a huge sum onto Michell & Ciele. Michell went to Daggerfall where he cleared Edmont's name. Edmont (As Arles) faked his own suicide and returned to being Edmont. Soon after which, he married Ciele.

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