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Telzoak Dar Yon
Telzoak The Great Necromonger1
Physical description




Darwishi (Undead)

Eye color(s)


Hair color


Skin Color

Bluish Hue


6 feet and 10 inchs


120 pounds


Unknown Exact Age

Biographical information

Assumed Birthdate

860 Beast Age

Assumed Death Date

Year 1450 of the Age of Yorgoth




The Mage




Eboniqu Gahiji Mert (Son) Yogio Dar Yon (Step-Sister/Wife)

Political information


The Great Necromonger, The Necromancer of Barachis, Plague Master of Barachis, The Prophet of Yorgoth, and The Eternal Atum

Other name(s)

The Wraith of I’nik Yath and Valuk Molo


Yorgoth, and The Darwishi Empire

"My greatest fear was that life did not end at death, now I embrace it"
―Telzoak Dar Yon

Telzoak Dar Yon is considered to be the greatest sorcerer and necromancer of all Darwishi history. It is generally agreed in Darwishi culture that he is and will forever will be the greatest Atum in their history. Telzoak is the first recorded Darwishi to turn to undeath and worship Yorgoth.


Before Sinners were SaintsEdit

Pestillence by thedurrrrian-d4hnpuj

Telzoak before he became Atum. On the left is when he returned on his trip into Yorgoth's Realm. While on the Right is the armor he wore once he reached Barachis

The Darwishi before they became "Saints" were known as the Valmer , who were the originial Mer to arrive at Barachis from Aldmer The Valmer emerged from one line of ancient Aldmer, whom, according to their mythology, were fleeing their original homeland in the midst of some great catastrophe by ship. According to legend, they performed their mass exodus traveling overseas on the Aldmeri empire's entire naval fleet. Their search for a new land to call home lasted for exactly seven years (with occasional stops at peculiar, uncharted islands in the middle of the sea) and they endured an unnatural amount of hardship along the way. One such hardship was a storm of unatural strengh that spit their sailing fleet into two; the the one's still on course becoming the Darwishi and the one's that were forced northeast becoming the Valmer ancestors of the Dalmer

The History for the Darwishi began in what is known as the Middle Merethic era to the races of Tamriel. Then, the Darwishi were known as the Valmer (Valiant elves) who set sail from the doomed continent of Aldmeris. But instead of following the others to Tamriel the Valmer headed west into uncharted seas. The main reason for moving away from the main "fleet" is because Telzoak, who was a highly influencial person, told the others that they should move in another direction believing that only death and ruin awaited them in the direction of the fleet.

From what little is known about this time it is believe a storm hit the Valmer and split their sailing fleet into two. The one that managed to continue their current course were later known as the Darwishi and they were the first elves to successfully land on the continent of Barachis. However the other group of ships that were forced north by the storm were the ancient ancestors of the Dalmer and they landed on a tropical archipelago north east of Barachis.

The Saintly InvasionsEdit

And so when they arrived they begun what most Mer and Man do. Take what does not belong to them in the name of their God, Yorgoth who they had recently discovered. With Their Atum, Telzoak, leading them to victory the many races took to hiding like the Sammak that had mysteriously disappeared under the ocean, but the others took to fighting like the Jallark and Yeenin peoples who were proud and would not let outsiders take their home.


Abubakar was home to scorpid like men, known as the Arcronion, who tried to fight the Darwishi when they invaded used to weak foes who would crumble under their stinger`s and crushing pincers. They did not expect a foe who would use dark magics to fell their armies of brave warriors. They also did not expect their dead brethen to stand up and fight against them. Only through surrendering and worshipping the Darwishi as the "God-Children of Yorgoth" have the Arcronion survived to this very day. When Abubakar was taken over the Darwishi, still Valmer at this time, found a ancient stone circle that when powered with the souls of the dead and the blood of the living activated and turned into a portal from which Telzoak entered. Coming out months latter in a undead form Telzoak convinced his people that to ensure their survival they would have to bow before this new god, this god would latter be called Yorgoth and with Yorgoth Telzoak would be named the Prophet.


Personally leading the invasion in Duessha so that he may set a example Telzoak came up with the strategy called "Sieging Plague" which is effectifly launching plagues into the siege target before walking in and murdering all who would oppose. When this new threat finally came, now known as the Darwishi, the Jallark and Yeenin, who lived on Duessha, understood why the other races went into hiding. Great plagues spread over the land killing thousand’s before the enemy even stepped foot inside their land, and when they did there was no fight, only a massacre. The great city of Anmethen was raised to the ground with all its inhabitants slaughtered without mercy. The people were butchered, and those that did survive were left with a fate worse than death.Finally, both of the civilisations gave in, surrendering, and accepting all terms. The Darwishi then used them for their own designs. Making them build massive shrines all over the desert to extinguish their hope and their right to rule this land.


Like Duessha, Feldurium was ruled by the Jallark and Yeenin warmongernig people who lived off war like barbarians. Though many other diffrent beast-folk also lived in this province, though it mattered not to the Darwishi. Like the other provinces the Darwishi used their "Sieging Plague" warstyle of casting deadly plagues before walking in and slaughtering those who would not bend their knee.  Like many other`s the beastfolk of Feldurium hide away hoping and praying the Darwishi didn`t find them, some were found others not. Similiar to the previous two provinces, Telzoak also lead his forces to victory before his wife, who was his sister as well, became with child and had to be taken to a safe location in which he would stay with her until after the invasions were over and done with.


Darigo the second to fall to Darwishi subugation was considered by many to be the easiest to fell. It didn`t even put up a fight, when the Darwishi walked in after months of plaguing they saw nothing not even the corpses of those who fell to the plague. Like the people of Feldurium the people of Darigo ran and hide away. The Darwishi cared not for them only for their land.


When the Darwishi invaded Solistal they saw nothing but rampant beast folk above the ground. But below ground stood a race that had the greatest chance against the unstoppable army. The Vor`si, a insectoid beast race, that hides beneath the ground in burrows. When they were finally discovered it was simply over, the Darwishi threw down corpses and rotting meat to induce dieases to flush out the insects. When they finally left their burrows they walked right into the Darwishi`s blades.


Andromedas was the last province to be conqured by the Darwishi, but it was also one of the provinces that`s people hid away and never tried to fight back against the Darwishi which allowed them to survive the plagues and the Darwishi Military. Like the other lands Andromedas was filled with shrines that would be dedicated to the Darwishi god Yorgoth.

The Saintly Age of God (Age of Yorgoth)Edit

After mere years of conquring Barachis the Darwishi Empire was in full control of the entire continent, its people, and resources. The "Saintly" Age of God was, for the Darwishi atleast, filled with social, technological, and economic reform. All of these reforms brought upon by Telzoak.

The Start of PeaceEdit

After years of conquring the people and land of Barachis the Darwishi Empire finally had peace within its land. No longer focusing on conquring or enslaving the Darwishi, and their Atum, could finally start reforming Barachis into the ideal place for the Darwishi Empire. These reforms would consist of social, technological, and economic reforms that would vastly improve the living of Darwishi Citizens.

The Atum demands changeEdit

Social ChangesEdit

Telzoak, now labeled as the Atum, voices his command that the Darwishi Empire needs to change to survive the everchanging tide that is the wold. Believing that forcing the non-Darwishi citizens to worship a god they don`t believe in will cause trouble, Telzoak starts a reform of laws. Within the Darwishi Empire any citizen is allowed to worship any god they please but must pay a special tax that permits them to do this with out punishment. The second round of changes within the empire was that Telzoak believed that the civilians of the empire should be allowed to marry who they wish, this included people of the same sex or diffrent races. The third round of changes within was that those who wish to advance into society can covert to Yogsoth, which is the worship of Yorgoth.

Economic ChangesEdit

Like the social aspect of the Empires standards this was also changed by Telzoak who believed this was almost as important as the social aspect of the Darwishi Empire`s "Statue". Telzoak demanded that merchants who wished to own their property could be allowed to do so, at the cost of being taxed. A second change was that those who wished to raise a monopoly must give fifty-percent of their earnings to the Goverment. The third, and final, change was that slaves could only be used if they goverment owned slaves.

Technological ChangesEdit

Similiar to the economic and social changes technology in the Darwishi Empire also recieved change. The first change was that they built "phase-ways" in certain area that when intense magic was flooded into the phase-ways they would teleport the person in the center to whatever location it was connected too. The second change was that all building, armor, and weapon materials would be made of Necraok, a type of rock that grows around Phase-Ways and gates to Necriomian.

The Rei Xu WarEdit

Rei Xu War

The Fall of The ProphetEdit

The Darwishi army accompanied by their Jallark and Yeenin slaves made it to what is now known as the Nae burrow by the Solin. Telzoak ordered that they rest there, knowing that the Valmer where still a god few days away. But he underestimated their progress, and in reality they were only a day away. As the Darwishi set down to camp, Shezeen scouts found their position, staying hidden using Illusion magic, and spying on their movements. They then reported back to their commander, Jiàn Gēbo, and told him everything. With this new knowledge of Darwishi troops, he set about going in for the attack.

Jiàn sent his soldiers around the burrow using illusion magic to cover their anto battle to take on the Valmers right vanguard and main force. Eventually they surrounded the burrow, effectively bringing it into a siege However Telzoak’s magic was great, and he ‘sensed’ the Valmer approach and formed his own elaborate plans. He sent his Jallark and Yeenin slaves to attack the Valmers left vanguard then to flank the Valmer main force. Then he personally led his main for of 5000 Darwishi into battle to take on the Valmers right vanguard and main force

The two forces met head on, with the Jallark and Yeenin slaves smashing into the unprepared Valmers left. Though they held against the impact of the slaves, their lines begun to waver, threatening to break into a route. While this happened, Telzoak and his army smashed into the Valmers right and front, causing chaos in their unprepared ranks. However Jiàn Gēbo, could not let this turn of events change the tide of battle, and so he sent out his personal cavalry right into the Jallark and Yeenin’s rear lines. This was a risky move as they were far outnumbered and the loss of the Valmer’s only cavalry would be devastating. However it paid off as the Jallark and Yeenin lines broke into oblivion, routing from the field, allowing the Valmers left vanguard to smash into the Darwishi main force.

Slowly but surely as the battle went on, the Darwishi were forced to give ground to the Valmer soldiers. Eventually, the Valmer forced the Darwishi back to the burrows, however with every step they payed dearly with the lives of their elves. Telzoak, knowing that the tide was heavily against him, rallied his elves for a final charge. This show of defiance caught the Valmer by surprise, and they began to give ground to Telzoak’s rage. Unfortunately for the Atum, he paid dearly for this attack. He was struck with no less than 24 arrows, all keenly shot by the Valmer archers, but as a final show of defiance he cast what remained of his life force into the Darwishi that had fallen. Now faced with an army of undead, and raging live Darwishi, the Valmer could take no more. They began to rout from the field, fleeing in the mountains.

The Darwishi may have been victorious, but it came at a dear cost. Their Atum was dead, the Jallark and Yeenin slaves where all but destroyed, and only 2000 live Darwishi where left. However the casualties for the Valmer were also devastating. 6000 of their 10,020 where dead or missing, being a terrible blow to their overall armed strength.


Though not many outsiders have had pleasent encounters with the so called "Eternal Atum" many assume as a mage he was a calm and intelligent Mer. But many others also assume that as a Atum, or king, that he was a militaristic Mer who looked out for his people. Deeply religous like most Darwishi, The Great Necromonger worshipped the Darwishi god Yorgoth. What is known was that he was generally cold to most people except for his Sister, who was also his wife.


Being the "Great Necromonger" many assume he was a master in necromancy, this is also supported by asking any Darwishi who the most powerful Sorcerer in their history is. Though his skills have never been seen it is assumed that by how he was able to turn about forty percent of the entire Darwishi population undead. Based on most Darwishi`s preferences it is assumed that Telzoak Dar Yon also prefered the black art of Necromancy.

Allies and EnemiesEdit


Naturally his allies are his people, who follow him loyally. Telzoak`s "allies" are those who would aid the Darwishi and those who would serve them. Before they became the Darwishi Telzoak`s allies were mainly the Valmer who served the Empire alongside of him. His lover was naturally also a ally of his along side the Black Prince.


The enemies of Telzoak are two types of people. Those who would hinder the Darwishi and those who would assault the Darwishi in any way.


Like most Darwishi Telzoak`s skin is a bluish hue that is paler then other Darwishi`s skin because of him always wearing his armor. Also like other Darwishi Telzoak is tall and slender like most tallier Mer. Telzoak has prominently pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes, which are a orangish red. His naturally energy reserves naturally pore out of his body causing wisps of magic energy to flow around his body. He is also generally skinnier then most Darwishi giving him a more of a skeleton like fiqure.