The Tarmer are an elven race hailing from Elsweyr. They were small, quick and stealthy which is why they lived unknown to the Khajiit. They belive in three Tarmic lords. D'margo (God of creation) D'valor (God of war) and D'utel (God of magic).


Tarmer have a special naming code. A start, a middle and an end(Which can be anything). Starts                                                                             Middles A(Theif,stealthuy)                                                        Atul(Theif,stealthy) C(powerful)                                                                  Caise(Powerful, leader) D(Godly)                                                                       Fadi(warrior) F(warrior)                                                                      Margo(Creator)

M(creator)                                                                      Utel(magical)

U(Magical)                                                                     Valor(Troublesome, warseeking)

Famous TarmerEdit

F'CaiseFaraun was the first leader of the Tarmer.

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