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Syncal Valurius is a Nord Character who lives in southren Skyrim, in the Dwarven ruin, Dethadramez, though he technically lives in Markarth.

Syncal Valurius


Syncal was born in Markarth to his father Calcemo, the Markarth court wizard. He is 36 and a Expert Mage who studys the Secrets of the Dwemer and explores Dwarven Ruins, discorvering powerful and secret artifacts. Though he technically lives in Markarth, he spent most of his older life in Dwemer ruins, and explored the ruins with his father when he was a young boy. Some Dwarven Ruins Syncal explored are, Mzinchaleft, Alftand, Mzulft and Rhalbdtar, and he wants to explore Kargenzel, Avanchenzel and Bthardamz, and he currently resides in Dethadramez (Fan-Made), near Falkreath.

Syncal Studied at the College of Winterhold for 17 years, where he became a Expert mage in Destruction, Alteration and Conjuration, he's a Novice in Illusion. Hes also a Adept in Alchemy and Enchanting.

Syncal once had a job at the college where he led groups of Researchers into Dwemer ruins to test their skills against the foes inside. When he dropped out of the college, he resumed his research.

What ended Syncals communication with others was when he led a expedition into Dethadramez with 7 other students, he soon found out that this ruin was worse than others, and everyone except one and Syncal, died from either Falmer or Dwarven Automations.


In the 'Noise Problems' Quest, he aids the Dragonborn in getting rid of the enemies Dethadramez and stopping the source of Noise and Steam there.

After the quest, Noise Problems, he is avaiable as a follower, and he can't die, but if you hit him more than 4 times, he will turn on you, but will stop when you stealth your weapon, but if you do it again, he will leave your service, its best to run out of his wrath, he will lose interest and return to Dethadramez where you can once again recruit him as a follower.