The Sylancthe were the race that thrived and lived in the continent of Lae before Eienaur came and set up his empire of nords, eventually destroying and killing nearly all of the Sylancthe. Only 50 remain and they live mainly in Maersley & Tenthile. Despite the small population, Drimeth is the King Of Maersley. Eienaur admittedly regrets wiping out the race though it would have been impossible to settle an empire with such a great force fighting him. They are renowned Alchemists and very skilled in One Handed & Light Armor.


The empire was originally led by Drimeth's great grandfather, Zxacvh. They had great trade amongst themselves but were extremely reclusive to other races and continents. The empire span for a whole three eras before the arrival of Eienaur.


Sylancthe have a Chrome skin colour, and are loosely related to the Snow Elves. Their hair was always a mix between purple and white, and was either incredibly long or incredibly tall. They were small in stature compared to nords.

One God, One Ruler.Edit

The religion of the Sylancthe was quite simple. There was only one god. And he went by the name of Hzyghemryckofhote. A thief named Hazyulikh once imitated him, pretending that he had come from his realm to greet them. He then basked in great amounts of gold, food and people everywhere loving him. After the real Hzyghemryckofhote came to Nirn and told him he was a fraud there was a stand off. At the end, they were both dead. Thus started a horrid chain of events for the Sylancthe, including Acid rain, visits from dragons and eventually their demise with Eienaurs arrival.

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