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Sword of Undoing
Vital statistics
Type Enchanted Longsword
Effects Paralysis for 50s on strike
Source Family heirloom
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell 12000

The Sword of Unoding has exchanged hands many times since it was first forged in 2E371, and has been passed along the Haallu family for several generations. 

Forging Edit

The Sword of Undoing was forged in 2E371 during an intense blizzard in Skyrim which threatened many cities with Ice Trolls and Ice Wraiths. The master smith Hjonfjar Brideblade decided to create a longsword which would help him defend his small settlement against the un-ending terrors that plagued the forests at the time.

He created a sword which would paralyze the target for 50 seconds, enough time to get in with a killing blow of the counterpart weapon he created.

Connection to the Haallu family Edit

Shortly after the creator of the sword was killed, the blade was taken to the house of a Jarl, where he passed it onto his most trusted advisor Baharn Haallu. Baharn had no need for such as thing and he sent it to Morrowind for his brother Pheanaf who was the most notorious of warriors at the time.

Since then, the blade has been passed down the generations to Driana Haallu.