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Physical and Magical qualities

Average height

5' - 6'

Average weights

130 lbs

Average lifespan

500 years

Skin color


Eye color


Racial abilities

Controlled Chaos

Distinctive features

Faces resemble Imperials, except for pointed ears

Cultural and Historical characteristics



Preferred classes

Archer-Mage (Can be any)


The Sulmer, also known as Moon Elves, are a dwindling race of Mer spread across Tamriel. Originally persecuted widely, persecution of Sulmer was in decline around the time of the Oblivion Crisis.

Aria Shadewood is a Sulmer Vampire, who was a hero during the Oblivion Crisis (prior to being turned into a Vampire), and later aided the Alliance of the Dovah (after being turned into a Vampire 200 years previous) during and after the Dragon Crisis.


  • The Sulmer, despite being also known as Moon Elves, are not the same as the Momer, and are User:IceBite's take on the Moon Elves.