Styria Rygardvar (born 4E 92), was a Pure-blood Vampire. He was also a member of The Circle. But uniquely, he still able to uses Vampiric Drain even when he is infected by Lycanthropy.


Early lifeEdit

Styria was born in Winterhold, Skyrim in 4E 92. His father is a nord, when his mother is breton.

Parent's DeathEdit

4E 109, when he was 17, Winterhold attacked by vampires, and resulting his parents and some other people in Winterhold dies. he then live alone and become a deer hunter around winterhold.

The Tainted BloodEdit

The next year, when he was hunting, he saw two vampires, then he tailed them. they are heading to the Reach. he was too sleepy and the way is too dark, so he stopped in Markarth and rest for a night. but suddenly he awake in the Shrine of Molag Bal. Molag Bal imprisoned him for three day and he survived, Molag Bal then ordered him to sweep a vampire cave mercilessly. he done the quest, and returned to Molag Bal, then Molag Bal impressed with the result, so he give Styria a mace with his blessing and option of become a pure-blooded vampire, Styria accepted the both and become an immortal vampire.

Life in High RockEdit

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