Storm Septimus is a very powerful Druid that lead agroup made by Druids.They went off and they dissappered somewhere and soon forgotten.

Early LifeEdit

As a kid Storm Septimus always wanted to be a leader of something.


Storm had started his own rebbelion against the Order of Druids.Storm's forces laid a seige on the Dekab.When they opened the gates Storm's forces swarmed all over slaying every Druid the could find.Once inside Storm began looking for the Druid Histories that was hidden in the Libary that was hidden inside a vault.But Khale the libarian hid the vault with a magic powder right before being killed.Storm was unable to find them then walled the prisoners alive and left the Dekab beacuse of the faer of the Druids Heart.

War of the DeathlandsEdit

Storm lead a war to the Deathlands with his army of Ghouls and Joutns.Remanus lead the rest of surviving Druids to fight along side other races aganist Storm.When the Crown of Paravanh was forged Remanus and the rest of teh Druids fought with Tyrakk Arnnahs to destroy Storm.Tyrak destroyed Storm Septimus's physical body but not his physical sprit.

Second War of the DeathlandsEdit

Five hundred years later,Storm Septimus and his army gained enough power as before then Sulla came to finish what Remanus had started he looked for Whisperus's aid,the most powerful Hyaenin mage and warrior.Sulla looked for the Talisman of Paravanh,conversing with the sprit of Remanus.After many battles including at Dekab with a Black Dragon,Sulla joined Whisperus and conforonted Storm.

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