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Stewart McClellan IV
Biographical information
  • Shornhelm, High Rock

Last Seed, 4E 155


Mid Year, 4E 202 (46)

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Fourth
  • Lord of Shornhelm
  • Wolf of The West
  • Hero of the Reach
  • Champion of High Rock

Stewart was the head of House McClellan and the Lord of Shornhelm from 4E 173 till his murder in 4E 202. He joined the Imperial Legion at the age of sixteen. He married Welynn Bostwien, and had four sons with her before her death giving birth to their last son. He joined his father in the Great War in 4E 171, and after his fathers death in Hammerfell, he returned to High Rock and united many of the Breton forces in High Rock, and returned to the war. He became a decelerated hero of the war. Over the next twenty-seven years he and the McClellan family enjoyed peace in Shornhelm. However, when Shornhelm was raided in 4E 202, nearly all of House McClellan, including Stewart, were murdered. His son Taylor McClellan survived.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Stewart was a rather, short, stocky man. He looked ten years older than he really was, but he was still in great shape for his age. He had big broad shoulders, and was quite strong. Stewart's hair was long and dark, and he had deep blue eyes just like his father, and his sons. A great thick beard rested on his face.

The Lord of Shornhelm possessed all the traits of a noble leader, honor, fairness, loyalty, and strength. All of these traits he passed down to his children. He was kind, but always in control, and knew how to rule, and knew when to be stern. Like his father, and his children, he to had the McClellan family temper.



Birth, and ChildhoodEdit

Stewart IV was born on the Isle of Balerria in 4E 155, at the House McClellan hidden manor. He was the product of Stewart McClellan III and Catherine McClellan's wedding night. The newest Stewart was the first son of Stewart III, and the heir to Shornhelm's lordship.

He grew up an avid big game hunter, and idolized his father. He had a close relationship with his younger brother Howwen McClellan. He also became very close with the young Welynn Bostwien of Farrun. When he was 10 years old he wandered into the Wrothgarian Mountains, and was lost for several days. He managed to kill several rabbits, and use them for food. Stewart even killed a wolf that attacked him. He was found by his father's men who had been searching the mountain for the boy.

As 4E 171 approached, Stewart and Welynn's relationship was blossoming. In fact, Stewart intended to marry her, however the outbreak of the Great War delayed their wedding.

The Great War, and Service to the LegionEdit

In Sun's Dusk of 4E 171, the 16 year old Stewart III joined the Imperial Legion, and left for the the Great War along with his father, leaving Howwen in charge of Shornhelm. Despite Stewart IV's influence in High Rock, many Cities would not dedicate soldiers to the war. The Lord of Shornhelm set out across Iliac Bay with just 5,000 soldiers.

The Breton Army joined the war front in southern Hammerfell. Stewart III's army fought for two years in Hammerfell. During his service in Hammerfell, Stewart befriended a young Imperial soldier, Orion Casus. Stewart and the Breton army marched into southern Hammerfell. At the First Battle of Gilane, Aldmeri forces had forced the Imperial forces to the make a stand at the hold of Gilane on the peninsula of Hammerfell. After a two month siege, Stewart III, seeing that all hope was lost, ordered the surviving defenders of the hold to retreat, including his son. Stewart IV was so intent on staying and fighting that his father had to have his men restrain him and carry him off. The remaining defenders retreated north from the hold while only a handful stayed behind. Those who stayed were massacred, including Stewart III. Their body's were hung inside the fort.

Stewart IV, now the defacto commander of the Breton forces, began the long march back to the Illiac. On the journey back, many men abandoned the army, several committed suicide, even Stewart himself was beginning to break down, however, he rallied his men around him. He promised to avenge their brother's who had been killed. The Breton army sailed back accross the Illiac, only some 300 soldiers were left. Upon returning to High Rock Stewart called for all of High Rock's kingdoms to stand together, in the name of the Empire, and for his late father. They answered the new lord of Shornhelm this time. Stewart IV once again crossed the Iliac, this time 25,000 High Rock soldiers.

The Breton forces smashed their way south, crushing the Aldmeri forces and uniting the Hammerfell resistance. They recorded victories at the The Battle of Sentinel, The Battle of Southern Alik'r, and The Battle of D'Maria. Stewart IV's army laid siege on Gilane in a attempt to retake the city. This marked The Second Battle of Gilane The Imperial army managed to take the already sacked hold. Stewart himself led the charge on the fort. Upon discovering the bodies of his father and the executed defenders from the first battle, Stewart had all of the Aldmeri who had surrendered or captured burned alive, a choice, that haunted Stewart for the rest of his life. Stewart III's body was sent back to High Rock. Stewart's victory in 4E 174, at Gilane trapped the Aldmeri forces on the peninsula of Hammerfell.

In early 4E 175, Stewart's army marched east across Hammerfell and into Cyrodiil after hearing that Mede II marched south from Skyrim to retake the Imperial City. The Breton army joined with Cyrodiil and Skyrim forces at the Battle of the Red Ring. Stewart's forces were the first into the Imperial city, and played a huge rule in freeing the city. After the battle, Stewart was recognized by Emperor Mede II, and dubbed the Champion of High Rock.

Return, Family, Peace, and DeathEdit

In Morning Star of 4E 175, Stewart and the Breton army returned home to High Rock. Stewart's rallying of the High Rock forces greatly increased his influence in High Rock. Soon after his return, he married his childhood love Welynn. For the first year of their marriage the two lived in a secret manor on the Isle of Baleria, Howwen was left to watch over Shornhelm. There Welynn gave birth to their first child, Tyron McClellan in Sun's Dusk of 4E 175. After Tyron's birth, Stewart returned to Shornhelm to rule the city.

Over the next 15 years, House McClellan and Shornhelm enjoyed relative peace. In Morning Star of 4E 181, Welynn birthed Stewart's second son, Jorren McClellan. Three years after that in Frostfall of 4E 184, he had his third son, Taylor McClellan during the worst snow storm of High Rock's history, in the Wrothgarian Mountains. Taylor was considered a miracle child, he was stillborn, but was brought to life by a Forsworn healer, his father nicknamed him, the son of the mountain.

Lycanthrope, and The Dorrian IncidentEdit

In 4E 187, amidst reports of Vampire attacks in the Western Reach, Stewart led a small force of warrior to locate these vampires. In the Reach he found his family's ancient crypt. The only things in there were werewolves however. Many of his men were killed, and he himself was infected with Lycanthrope. He disappeared for several weeks, and was under the care of the same Forsworn woman who saved Taylor's life, Courtan McDorman. From her he learned of his family's connection to Werewolves, she sent him southward, to find a shrine, where she promised he'd find a cure for his Lycanthrope. Stewart was slowly losing control of himself, one morning he awoke to discover he had killed several miners, and devoured them. He was losing his sanity slowly but managed to find the shrine. There he would find the spirit of his ancient relative, Greywin McClellan. Greywin, explained to Stewart that there was no cure for his Lycanthrope, as the McClellan family was cursed ages ago. Greywin himself was the first victim of the curse. Greywin explains that he originally went to the forsworn after his family had been murdered, seeking power to avenge his family. He was changed into a werewolf, that was not bound to Hiricine's control. He hunted down the men who murdered his family. However, as time went on, he realized that the Lycanthrope trait laid dormant in his children, and this form of Lycanthrope, if unleashed leads to immortality. His first son was attacked by a werewolf, and it unleashed his the disease that had already laid dormant in the boy. Greywin was forced to kill his own son. Greywin then abandoned his family, and dedicated his life to finding a cure, unfortunately he was killed before he could. His spirit will never die either, as a McClellan any McClellan who becomes a wolf. Greywin showed Stewart how to control his disease, and he headed back to find Courtan and the Forsworn, but they had already moved camp.

Stewart decided to keep this knowledge away from everyone else, including his family. He then continued to hunt down the vampires in the Reach, using his Lycanthrope to find them. He came across the vampire Lord Varys Dorrian and his eldest son, Dhaeron Dorrian, whom were kidnapping humans and using them as feed. Stewart managed to kill many Dorrian clan vampires, including Dhaeron, and he freed the captives. Varys escaped however, but swore to avenge his son. For now, High Rock had been saved from a vampire menace, and Stewart was recognized as a hero once more after returning to Shornhelm. However, he left that indecent learning a dark secret about himself and his family, thus he began his search for a cure for the McClellan curse.

The Lady's DeathEdit

In Sun's Dusk of 4E 191, Lady McClellan gave birth to another son, Drake McClellan. This however, would be Stewart and Welynn's final child, as Welynn died after his birth. Despite this, Stewart loved the child, as did his sons, aside from Taylor. The miracle child saw his younger brother as a curse, and blamed him for their mother's death. Welynn was buried beneath the family's manor in the Isle of Baleria.

Sacking of Shornhelm, and DeathEdit

Mid Year, 4E 202, Stewart believed he grew ever closer to discovering a way to lift his family's curse, this came at a cost however. His relationship with his family was deteriorating. At this same time, Orion Casus, now a Blade captain in Cyrus Magnus's army, arrived in Shornhelm. Orion was there with the intentions of convincing Stewart to join Magnus's revolution to take the seat of the Empire after Amriane Motierre took control of Empire after having his brother assassinate Mede II. Stewart agreed, he did not want to draw his research away from his search for a cure, but he could not turn his back on the Empire after Mede's assassination. That night, Stornhelm was sacked by vampire's led by Lord Dorrian. They killed hundreds, women and children as well, and the vampires committed many atrocities against the people of Stornhelm. Stewart's forces were caught by surprise and could not rally. Stewart and his royal guardsmen fought off many of the vampires, but he soon discovered his sons had been murdered, along with almost the entire McClellan family. Stewart's men were eventually defeated, and Stewart was forced to face Vary's himself in battle. He attempted to unleash his wolf side, however, Lord Dorrian used his magic to prevent Stewart from doing so. Dorrian over powered the aging Lord of Shornhelm, and killed him.

After the sacking, Shornhelm was put to the torch. Few survived the raid. The bodies of the McClellan family aside from Erma McClellan and Drake McClellan were recovered, and buried in the family crypt on the Isle of Baleria.


Stewart was regarded as one of the most successful rulers in High Rock, just as his father was. He was awarded the roll of Champion of High Rock, and even led the High Rock council. He became the first of the 4th Era to rally all of High Rock for war. His actions in the Great War earned him much respect through out all of Tameriel. His family became one of the most well respected families in the land, even after his death. After his death, the other royal families saw it through that Stewart and his family member's bodies were recovered and buried in the McClellan Crypt. Even though House McClellan has taken huge causalities, many in High Rock believe it will rise again one day, as is the way of the wolf. Those who have been recolonizing Shornhelm claim his spirit still haunts the grounds of the city.