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Sovereign Isles

“Stay Clear Of The Sovereign Isles, Full Of Bandits And The Like.”
―Alik'r Guard[src]

The Sovereign Isles are a group of islands located to the west of Hammerfell. It is considered inhospitable by many due to the hard, craggy black rock that it is infamous for. It is also known as a pirate hideout, with several bandit groups and pirate factions taking residence on the south of the island. The capital, Cutlass Bay, is run by the islands' overlord, Apache Telsvheyre, a Redguard pirate captain. Taking residence on the considered alien island of Black Rock is an Altmer necromancer named Velador.


The main island is no bigger than Whiterun Hold in Skyrim, Despite this it has gained a reputation as a heavan for piracy and illegal trading. The capital, Cutlass Bay, is built on one of the few sandy beaches the island contains, most of the rest of the island is a craggy black rock. The far north of the Island is home to Mt. Hawk, a massive inactive volcano. There is however a single Dwemer Ruin on the island, when it was settled by a group of Dwemer Explorers in the Merethic Era, this ruin was only recently discovered in the Fourth Era. The northern-most city is Northelm, which is dictated by Apache's daughter, Lissi. The central lake of the island is known as Lake Lamor, in reference to Apache's late father Lamor Telsvheyre. To the east of the main island is a small area known as Black Rock, originally where the dead of the island would be buried. An Altmer necromancer named Velador took residence in the crypt and the island's forces are attempting to oust him.


  • Reynold

    Reynold, Apache's Son.

    Apache Telsvheyre

Overlord of the Island, living and running Bay City in Cutlass Bay.

  • Reynold Telsvheyre

Lord of Hawkwood, and the son of Apache.

  • Lissi Telsvheyre

Lady of Northelm, and the daughter of Apache.

  • Laila Telsvheyre

Lady Of Southelm, despite living in Cutlass Bay with her husband, Apache.

  • Velador

An Altmer Necromancer terrorising the island.

  • Elthys

A Bosmer Pirate Captain living in Elthys' Den.

  • Stig Salt-Plank

A Pirate Captain living in Blood Horker Den, also encountered in the quest Rise In The East in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

  • Vinis Kadreyl

Dunmer Steward to Apache, and the off board member of the Night Caller.

  • Walks-On-Water

An insane Argonian using magic to attempt to walk across Lake Lamor.

  • Alek Red-Stave

Nord/Redguard First Mate of Apache's Ship, the Night Caller.


Long before the new inhabitants arrived on this island, it was a island-prison that was primarily used by Valenwood to store away the insane. One of the few remaining of these Bosmer is Elthys, now a pirate captain. Those on the island were infected with the disease 'Ilsania' believed to have come directly from Sheogorath himself. Many of the island are viewed as insane by the outside world due to this infection. Since the arrival of Captain Apache and his family, a social and political hireachy has been established on the isle at last, meaning that now dealings between pirates could become alot more smooth. There is also a clear sign of slave trading on the island, with argonians and Khajiit being captured and sold on for profit.