South Hope was once the site of the legendary Battle of South Hope, when the new Atmoran’s defeated the shadow threat for the first time in the War against Shadows. Now it has become one of the three major cities of the Kingdom.


Battle of South HopeEdit

The history for South Hope begun on the 15th of Frostfall 4E 217 during the War against Shadows. The people of Lot Drem and the battered Atmoran army commanded by Queen Natalia made a small fort where the city now stands. They there for the first time defeated the shadow threat in a legendary battle that routed them, thus allowing the Atmoran’s to continue their journey to Lost Shelter.

When the War against Shadows finally ended in the year 4E 220 many families of the death heroes went to the site of the battle to pay homage to their fallen loved ones. One of these people; a Nord man named Joreck built a traditional Nord tavern there, in honour of his brother that died during the battle. This inn became a popular one to the people who came to pay their respects and other visitors to the site, and as such many other farms and houses were established around the area.  




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