General information

Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht


Center of the Island of Our Land

Points of Interest

Azura's Palace, Chapel of the Daedra

Notable Citizens

S'Ajura, Hayema Jivella


Around several thousand

Local Nobility

Queen Kavelia Hawkhart, King Lovellus I

Shopping, Lodging, and Events
Important Events

War for Daedric Freedom, Skyrim War II


Hircine's Warriors/Dagon's army, Headquarters for the Lion's Fang


A hunter's friend, Firestone staves, Mystic Scrolls and spells, S'Ajura's armor, Ancient Books, Riverwater foods, Cyrodiilic Imports, Northern Watch Weapons, Ye Olde Dragon's Jewelery, Dunmer Cloth and yarn, Treetop Parchment and Quills, Sheepwool Bedrolls, Daedric Wares, Azura's Soulgems, Star-Night Clothes, Sorrowlock Goods, Into the Wild pets


Dragontooth inn, The Stone Bowl

Sorrowlock was the capital of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht for four eras, until it fell in the 7th Era on the 693rd year, when Ivalie Jorrenne, commander of the Skyrim Army, conquered it. It was designed by Kavelia Hawkhart, and built by the hundred men she had taken with her.

Sorrowlock was the center of activity in Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht. Many people lived here, overcrowding the city.

Imperial Legion - Skyrim Era
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