Solistal is a province in the south-west region of the continent of Barachis. It is home to the Solin, a reclusive and xenophobic race who live far beneath the wasteland landscape. The Imaginarium, an aetheric tower, is also situated to the north of the country, providing a shadow for the only surface town of Banner Bridge which thrives in the slightly more habitable conditions to the east.


Zetraun Barrow is home to the Zetrauns, who have control of most of the northern region, including a small island to the west. It is located in view of the Imaginarium, however this mountain is not in it's territory. Rather it is in the hands of the peace-making Oku family, who reside in Oku Barrow as such tradition. They contain one of the largest land areas in the entire region. In the central area, known as Thrice-Pierced Pass due to the three families who make their barrow homes within the mountainy enclaves. Alliances are believed to have been made between the Teviae & Amos families whilst the Nae family stays far from conflict tucked away. In a hidden corner of the province is Viltis Barrow, where Amadel Viltis maintains a sizeable land area. Daku Barrow lies just south west of this, controlling it's own mountain region and much of the southern coast which is also shared with the Ementaels just to the west. The Kavros family are the least known and respected of all of these, as they control the smallest area of land in total. They are believed to have developed the ability to swim underwater after several regions along the south west coast were flooded heavily, leaving only a few islands where land would have been. Meanwhile, in the north west, Banner Bridge stays happily overground on a foresty cliffside that deems a beautiful view of The Imaginarium. Several dragon sightings have been recorded in this area, believed to be the Dragon-Deity of the Solin, Alkaumtaukbah.


“Solin? History? Ha, fat chance of hearing any of that. They play their cards very close to their chest.”
―Yun Soliel, Elyk Historian.

Despite being a rather notable region on the continent, Solistal has little recorded history revealed to many outside of the borders. There has been one known battle to which they fought an Elyk invasion, but little else has been told to many. The geography of the area can tell much however, as maps clearly show indicated changes in land territories throught all of Solistal, suggesting that they are currently within deep civil war, and have been for a long time.

Those lucky few who have been aloud entry to this secretive country have been told that Alkaumtaukbah, the holy god-dragon, is an apparition of Akatosh and that every year he challenges a Solin warrior to slay him. If they do so, his soul manifests into the body once more and they are granted membership to the elite Paladins Of Imagination, a faction that are sworn to watch over and protect all Solin and all of Solistal.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The Imaginarium
  • Family Barrows
  • Banner Bridge
  • Alkaumtaukbah Sanctum

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