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A typical Solin Engineer holding a Flamethrower.

The Solin are a humanoid race that exsists only within the confines of their homeland of Solistal. They are a xenophobic race and heavily dispise any other race entering their borders. They are also very conservative, as they often choose not to leave the barrows they were born in. Whilst there has never been a monarch of the Solin, each barrow is ruled by a respective family that dictates the region fairly. There is only one town that manages to survive overground in their desolate wasteland home, Banner Bridge, which is maintained by the least racist of the species. They worship Alkaumtaukbah, who is a dragon that presides over the biggest mountain and presumed aetherical tower of the region, the Imaginarium.


Despite living underground in conditions that render most of the "weaker" members of the race blind, the Solin have a pale skin tone that is often covered from head to toe. What is visible can show they have heavy similarities to the Bretons of High Rock in Tamriel. They are short and thin in stature and are vowed not to show their eyes to any single other being their entire lives. The leader of the Barrow will bless a child with a facial mask and tinted goggles at birth.


The Solin were often considered a lesser race by others as they didn't often appear to anyone. The few occasions on which Solin have been reported outside of Solistal often lead to myth and controversy. They once engaged in a war with the beastial race, The Elyk over land usage in Solistal however they easily defeated the Elyk which revealed to many races that they were strong and technically intelligent. Many are reported to use Flamethrowers and Crossbows that they themselves had spent decades developing.

Alkaumtaukbah is their one and only deity, and other races have come to believe him to be an apparition of Akatosh, the lord deity who appears in most religions throughout all of Nirn.

Notable SolinEdit

  • Lord Terevin
  • Lady Calias
  • Velten
  • Amatura
  • Viado