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Skyrim War II

7E, 687


7E, 693


Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht


Victory of Skyrim


Skyrim, Cyrodiil (Ally)

Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht, Morrowind (Ally)


Ivalie Jorrenne

Mazazrik D'Evrolen

Skyrim War II was the war that utterly destroyed Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht. It began with Yakari Hawkhart blaming Skyrim for the death of her husband, King Jarev Hawkhart X. The first battle was between Yakari and the Skyrim villages closest to Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht, and eventually the Skyrim government decided it was time to fight back. Sending their best war commander, Ivalie Jorrenne, with twenty thousand Skyrim troops, Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht was half destroyed in five years. Within another year, Lyrayemhehtdoht was completely and utterly destroyed. A book on all of the events that occurred was recorded in the Diary of Ivalie Jorrenne, a published document related to all that happened during the six years of war with Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht.

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