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Skabgut 2
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4E 165


Era Fourth

Physical traits and magical qualities





Hair color:


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Dark green


  • Orcish sword
  • Orcish dagger
  • Crossbow
  • Steel bolts
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"I was once a chief, but my own treacherous kinsmen turned their backs and exiled me! May Malacath curse their souls to Oblivion. "
―Urg-Katzah Skabgut, expressing his feelings about his exile

Urg-Katzah Skabgut, more commonly known by just his last name Skabgut, was an Orc Marauder, former Imperial Quaestor and chieftain of the Mor Khazgur Orcish stronghold. Born as the son of a chief, the young Orc quickly learnt how to be a warrior. When his predecessor was killed by a bear Skabgut was made chief of the stronghold. Skabgut openly tolerated the Imperial legion, lending them some of his finest warriors to fight for the legion. This made Skabgut extremely unpopular among his tribes people. He was exiled when he traded to many Orichalcum ingots with the Empire. The tribe didn't like Skabgut doing this act and replaced him with an Orc warrior in the stronghold named Larak .


Skabgut when he was chief

Skabgut, bitter, left the tribe and joined the Imperial legion. In a battle against Forsworn Skabgut showed aspiring skills, and was consequently promoted to Quaestor. He left the Imperial legion soon afterwards, travelling Skyrims plains instead. After leaving the legion Skabgut found the Guardian Stone of the Lady, and accepted its blessing onto himself. He then resided in Morthals Moorside Inn as a mercenary. Skabgut disappeared when chasing Wood Elf Tandril through a dwarf ruin named Alftand. Rumour had it that the Orc was trapped in the huge underground ruin named Blackreach, desperately trying to find a way out. Whether this claim was true or not is unknown.


Early lifeEdit

Urg-Katzah Skabgut was the second and last son of a Orc Chief of the Mor Khazgur stronghold. As a young Orc Skabgut trained in the usage of swords, daggers and bows. He learnt little magic, only taking a minor interest in the school of restoration, learning the spells of healing, and later on, fast healing. His father also requested that he should at least know the spell of flames, so Skabgut was taught that as well.

Skabguts father was killed by a group of bandits. His elder brother took command over the tribe until he to was killed, by an angry cave bear. Skabgut was then appointed chief of the tribe.


Skabgut ruled over the stronghold of Mor Khazgur with an iron fist, punishing those who opposed him. He made it no secret that he supported the Empire, trading openly with Imperials. When the Imperial legion requested troops to help them combat the Stormcloak rebellion Skabgut lent them some of his finest warriors.

When Skabgut gave the Imperials some Orichalcum ingots taken from Mor Khazgurs nearby mine, members of the tribe decided he had gone to far and exiled him from Mor Khazgar after blinding him in one eye. Skabgut was replaced by a warrior named Larak.

Joining the legionEdit

After being exiled, Skabgut opted to visit Solitude to join the Imperial legion. He was accepted as an auxiliary. Skabgut fought against Forsworn in the Reach.

Skabguts most notable engagement was against Forsworn. A group of Forsworn led by a Hagraven named Falta had been practicing the barbaric ritual in turning a men into a Forsworn Briarhearts. Skabguts group of men was led by an High elf Tribune called Fasendil Fasendil. Farendil led eight men, and decided to go for a two way attack-four men would attack the camp head on while the rest would outflank the engaged Forsworn and kill Falta.

Skabgut accompanied Fasendil to kill Falta. The plan was working until a troll ambushed the group, alerting Falta and group of three Forsworn, one of which was a Brairheart. Farendil tried to kill Falta, but was wounded by the brairheart. Skabgut intervened and killed the Brairheart, leaving Faltas left flank unprotected. He and Farendil killed the Hagraven. The rest of the Forsworn who were fighting saw that their leader was dead, but were then cut down by legion troops. Skabgut was promoted to Quaestor for his actions that day. During his time in the legion, Skabgut crafted his own crossbow, which he used to fire a few shots at his enemy before descending into close quarter combat.

Maundering SkyrimEdit

Six months after his promotion, Skabgut left his legion outpost in Whiterun and explored parts of Skyrim. He fought bandits on the road and the occasional Stormcloak soldier. He reached the Lady stone two months after leaving the legion, and accepted its blessing.

Skabgut preached about Malacath while travelling Skyrim, and ventured into numerous crypts in order to loot various pieces of value. He eventually settled down in the town of Morthal as a mercenary, stationed in the Moorside Inn. He disliked staying there, not because of the food provided for him by the bartender Jonna, but because of the awful bard there, named Lurbuk . It is said that Skabgut was one of those who hired the Dark Brotherhood to kill the Orc bard. Skabgut was hired by the Jarl to clear out nearby bandit forts and giant camps, before becoming thane of Morthal. In order to escape Lurbuk, Skabgut purchased Windstad Manor and lived there, where he became a respected enforcer for the Jarl.


Skabgut was hired by an Orc named Durak to hunt down nightblade Tandril and bring him back to Durak. Durak claimed that the reason for this was that the Dawnguard thought that Hereclus was a Tandril.

Skabgut tracked the Wood elf to the town of Winterhold. When Tandril realised that he was being followed he made a run for it, murdering two guards and wounding a citizen. Skabgut pursued him to the dwarfen ruin of Alftand. There Skabgut fought dwarfen contraptions and Falmer alike to get to his query.

Eventually Skabgut reached the central chamber of Alftand where he found Hereclus enter a cavern underground. He followed Tandril into Blackreach. What happened to Skabgut in Blackreach is unknown. Tandril, who escaped via the Tower of Mzark, says he last saw the Orc fighting off a group of Falmer and their servants. What was Skabguts eventual fate however, no one knows.


Skabgut was a gruff, no nonsense Orc, who would fight for honour. Skabgut preferred to live a traditional lifestyle, and shunned cities most of the time. His comrades in the Imperial legion thought Skabgut strange for his habits, some not accepting them. His fellow Orcs however deemed him as power hungry and ruthless. Skabgut was also a devout follower of Malacath and believed in what the Imperial legion stood for.


Skabgut was a muscular Orc, with dark green skin. he had yellow eyes and several scars on his body. When he was chief of his tribe he shaved off all his black hair save for a braided ponytail at the back. When he was exiled he grew his hair longer as well growing a beard. He tattooed himself with Orcish symbols on his head. His right eye was blind.


Skabgut carried an enchanted Orc sword of burning as his primary weapon. He was given this sword when he became chief of his tribe. He also carried a Orcish knife which he used as a secondary blade. Skabgut used a crossbow for ranged combat. When he first joined the legion, Skabgut used a Orcish warhammer, but decided he preferred his sword. Skabgut wore both Imperial studded light armour and Imperial heavy armour. He didn't however wear a helmet of any kind.


Skabgut knew the spells healing, Healing Hands, Fast healing and lesser ward, all from the restoration school. He also knew flames and frostbite from the destruction school. He rarely used destruction spells, but was known to heal himself in the midst of battle.