Sirius Thoryck is a Nord Werewolf living in a small shack in Hjaalmarch with his wife Kaera. His family have been werewolves for generations as long ago an ancestor prayed to Hircine asking for his most divine blessing and he certainly received it. They are also renowned adventurers and previously companions. He is a strong supporter of the Stormcloaks, having the title of Stormblade. He is estimated to be aged at 35.

Young LifeEdit

Sirius spent his life as a child learning to master his werewolf powers, taught by his grandfather the legendary Asthis Thoryck. He was also a fan of going out hunting forsworn packs and dispersing them. At a young age he was good friends with Ulfric Stormcloak and continues that friendship to this day.

Ancient Curses, Blood And BoneEdit

It is little known that he is in fact a distant relative of Hakon One-Eye, who's great grandson started the curse on his family, his name was Kestus One-Eye, and was the last known One-Eye of the family after he gave birth to three daughters. Unfortunately, Hircine's gift has driven him mad. In a crazed rage one night Kestus killed his wife and two of his daughters. The third, Elyn managed to escape and later returned to find her father dead in beast form. Elyn fled from Skyrim into Morrowind, where she married the Dunmer Werewolf Ahstus Thoryck. The line continued for 8 generations until reaching Sirius. He now only has 1/15 Dunmer blood but still has honor. Of course, Ulfric does not know of this.

Later LifeEdit

Sirius has spent most of his later life as a stormcloak, fighting off the empire. Ulfric has promised him the role of Jarl Of Morthal if they succeed but of course, if he learns of Sirius' dark secret then he may be forced to change his mind... He also has a son, Coran who is now 15 and raring to join the stormcloaks. As Sirius' grandfather did to him, he has taught Coran the ways of using his gift. But will he continue this blood line? Or will he be the first to shed his gift.


- At the age of 20 he joined the Penatus Oculatus and left 3 years later.

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