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The religion of the Ayleid Potentate of Vilverin was not the same as the other Ayleid kingdoms. The Potentate of Vilverin's civilians believed in apotheosis, which meant that when a hero died he would become a god. The Potentate had abandoned the Daedric religion in its early years. The Potentate's priests were the founders and fanatic followers of a belief called Silentium, or Proto-Necromancy, by the Imperial historians. Proto-Necromancy was known to be much more peaceful than its later version. The followers of that belief were not in fact collecting corpses to reanimate them, but in fact, they used the heart of the dead one. After years of practicing Proto Necromancy, the Potentate managed to create a huge number of undead. The Ayleids however had great respect for the dead and believed that any mutilation of them was blasphemy. The mutilator would be executed and his corpse would be mutilated as well. This belief died with the Potentate, its aftermath left behind only haunted ruins. Many years later, Mannimarco sought to restore proto necromancy. However, he failed, and his attempts corrupted him, and his followers.

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