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The Siege of the Bloody Hunger was the infamous event that happened in the port town of Creeghim. Led by infamous renegade Argonian battlemage Kuld-Li, a swarm of enhanced "Bloody Hungers" (created by Kuld-Li) was rampaging towards Creeghim in order to destroy the town and murder a member of a group of battlemages who Kuld-Li used to be affiliated with until he turned renegade. The swarm was held back by the combined efforts of the Mages of the Golden Tooth, Crusaders of Akatosh, Knights of the Nerevarine, and the Llervu Legion, a legion of battle-hardy soldiers in the first Baltis Llervu's service. However, the resistance would not have been possible were it not for the efforts of Black-Hawk-Eyes, the Argonian master mage of Destruction.

The Full Story Edit

Black-Hawk-Eyes came with information for Baltis Llervu I. A former battlemage of his pack, Kuld-Li, turned renegade and went to live savage in a cave full of Hungers. Kuld-Li was also looking to experiment with these Hungers, and made a stronger, bigger, and more violent version called the Bloody Hunger. These were also the Hungers who slaughtered Ezak. A reason Hawk-Eyes came into Creeghim was to protect the town - A retired battlemage of Hawk-Eyes's pack lived here, and Kuld-Li was looking to slaughter every single one of Hawk-Eyes's pack, and everybody affiliated with them. Hawk-Eyes feared Kuld-Li would destroy Creeghim in order to kill his friend, as Kuld was insane. Llervu took this in account, and recruited more soldiers. Eventually, it was called the Llervu Legion. He built a grand watchtower (which would later become known as the Gnawed Spire) to keep watch at the west gate. One day, a scout came running in with reports saying, "Hungers by the hundreds swarming the countryside" and "if the Llervu legion don't get out here soon, the place'll be burned to the ground". Battle horns sounded, and Baltis Llervu prepared for war.

What the scout said was true - There were probably a couple hundred of the bloody hunger, swarming towards Creeghim. The great watchtower managed to use archers to snipe some of them from afar, but it was useless. It wasn't until the Mages, Knights, and Crusaders all banded together with the Llervu legion and with a great amount of swordplay, archery, spellcraft, that they were able to drive the swarm back. Kuld-Li was caught trying to run away and was put into prison for temporary until they could decide what to do with him. While the day was won, it was the Great Watchtower that bore the brunt of the attack - the base and the walls looked like a thousand beasts had gnawed on them. It was renamed the Gnawed Spire in remembrance of this infamous day, and in subtle honor to those who died in the swarm. This infamous event became known as the Siege of the Bloody Hunger.

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