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Battle of South hope


War against Shadows


26th of Second seed 4E 217 to 13th of Frostfall 4E 217


Lot Drem


Defeat and retreat of the Atmorans


The New Kingdom of Atmora

The Shadows


Natalia Northwind



400 Soldier's

unknown presumed to be thousands


332 Soldiers dead


Civilian casualties

many, number unknown

The war against the Bruniik Jul had only finished months before wraith like beings known as the ‘shadows’ to the New Atmorans attacked the heart of Lot Drem and killed all the members of its council. Natalia Northwind the Queen of The New Kingdom of Atmora had only just survived the attacked by the sacrifice of Jorl Pure-Shield her military advisor. This set in motion the War against Shadows against these beings and by the outcry of the people, Natalia ordered back the Atmoran Army to Lot Drem to safeguard the city. However this only attracted the creatures to start a siege thet lasted on end for months.

The SiegeEdit

The Siege begun on the 26th of Second Seed just hours after the Atmoran army arrived in the city. This was a great surprise to the Atmorans who were confused and disordered when the attack begun and the shadows conciliated this by surrounding all entrances above ground; however they missed their chance to attack the confused Atmorans that would have ended in an easy victory.

After the confusion of the first day past Natalia rallied the troops and put them under her command until such a time a new commander could be found. She set about setting barricades along all entrances and gathered more recruits to bolster the Atmoran armies’ ranks. Seeing the queen take command of her people instantly raised the morale of the people and the soldiers alike.

With the defences now set the Army waited for an attack from the shadow threat, but it did not come to them the way that they were expecting. During one night the shadows ported there way inside the city behind all the barricades and soldiers and attacked the scattered army from the rear, taking them by surprise. In the confusion the shadows managed to take the lives of 31 soldiers and wounded another fifty. But with her leadership Natalia rallied the fleeing men and forced the shadows back to the gate but the counter attack took its toll. Another 29 soldiers were killed as well as many more wounded, and this took a great toll on the morale of the army knowing that now nobody could be safe from attack.

Over the next few months this style of attacks continued on the Atmoran. Despite being better prepared for the attack the Atmoran numbers continued to dwindle. To make matters worse the food supply for the Atmoran had also started to dwindle.

Starvation and Loss of MoraleEdit

With the numbers of the Army failing and the food running out things went from bad to worse for the defending Atmoran’s. The raids on the Army continued and the defence of the city begun to fall, all had lost hope of ever out lasting the siege. It was then when the Atmoran’s became increasingly desperate and searched the city for a way out. However, these searches turned up nothing and the siege dragged on for another month when the people begun eating whatever they could find.    

Abandoning of Lot DremEdit

It was then when hope finally came in the form of a way out of the sieged city. Deep in Lot Drem a large section of the rocky wall had collapsed revealing a cave, one that was believed to be an ancient Bruniik Jul cave. Natalia, seeing only death and destruction in staying behind led her starved people out of the city. This way out for them however was not perfect for many died of exhaustion and starvation before they ever saw the light again. However what little remains of the Army and the large host of people finally made it back to the wilderness of Lot Drem, to begin the long march to Lost Shelter.


The loss of their capital was a stinging blow to the Atmoran’s and the morale of the people was shattered. To add to this only 87 of the original 400 hundred soldiers The Atmoran army fielded remained along with this a great number of civilians died. For the shadows this was a great victory and they had succeeded in crippling the kingdom. But failed to kill Natalia and the rest of her people due to their escape.