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Madgod, Prince of Madness, Daedric Lord of Madness
Biographical and chronological information


Morrowind, 3E

Physical traits and magical qualities


Half-Dunmer, Half-Daedric Lord



Hair color:


Eye color:



Sheogorath's Staff, Jyggalag's Sword

Societal status and affiliations


Sheoth's Palace, New Sheoth, Shivering Isles


“I'm Sheoth, the new Sheogorath, and always the old one! Daedric Prince of Madness! Or was it cheese? Or biscuits? Or perhaps cake! No, pretty sure it was madness.”
―Sheoth introducing himself

Sheoth, also known as Sheogorath II, was the second Sheogorath, half-brother to Vahkaran, and the ruler of the Shivering Isles. He was the son of the same mother of Vahkaran, except that his father was secretly Sheogorath in his mortal form (unknown to the Dunmer woman), who had an affair with Sheoth's mother. Sheoth was born a couple years after Vahkaran was born, after the Dremora father of Vahkaran had gone. After he was born, his mother sent a Dremora Kynval (she had strong ties with the Daedric realms) as a messenger to Azura, asking her to take care of the boy until he was older. Azura obliged, and kept the boy in her realm, raising him with the help of her worshippers. Finally, when he turned thirteen, he was sent to Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht, the realm of his half-brother Vahkaran. There, he was raised with Vahkaran under the guidance of Azura and other Daedric deities. When he turned eighteen, he was sent to the Shivering Isles by his brother to keep in contact with Sheogorath. After a series of quests for the Madgod, he found out that Sheogorath was the cursed form of Jyggallag, the Daedric Prince of Order, and that he needed to stop Greymarch. It was only after he was crowned Madgod, Daedric Prince of Madness, and Sheogorath II, that Haskil told Sheoth that Sheogorath was his father. He slightly resents killing Sheogorath as he never truly knew his father and wishes he got to spend more time with him.

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