Serpent's Fangs
General Information


Count Fareis Souleta


Fareis Souleta, Ervis Souleta, Ophelia D'Arkak, Wethia Fermis, Nerva Varketa

Historical Information

Formed from

4E, 006

Notable events


Serpent's Fangs was a Vampire's Guild located in the city of Serpentsoul, in the province of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht. It was founded by the first count, and put to an end when the angered citizens of Serpentsoul stormed the headquarters and killed every vampire in the guild.

Ranks Edit

  • Hunter
  • Vampire Agent
  • Vampire Nightblade
  • Vampire Blademaster
  • Vampire Matriarch/Patriarch
Imperial Legion - Skyrim Era
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