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"In Life, Death, and Undeath do we serve"
―Seke`Dal Motto
The Seke`Dal

The Infamous Sign of the Seke`Dal


The Saintly Age of God (Age of Yorgoth)Edit

After mere years of conquring Barachis the Darwishi Empire was in full control of the entire continent, its people, and resources. The "Saintly" Age of God was, for the Darwishi atleast, filled with social, technological, and economic reform. All of these reforms brought upon by Telzoak.  As with reform the military also recieved a new branch, The Seke`Dal.

The Start of PeaceEdit

After years of conquring the people and land of Barachis the Darwishi Empire finally had peace within its land. No longer focusing on conquring or enslaving the Darwishi, and their Atum, could finally start reforming Barachis into the ideal place for the Darwishi Empire. These reforms would consist of social, technological, and economic reforms that would vastly improve the living of Darwishi Citizens.

The Atum demands changeEdit

Social ChangesEdit

Telzoak, now labeled as the Atum, voices his command that the Darwishi Empire needs to change to survive the everchanging tide that is the wold. Believing that forcing the non-Darwishi citizens to worship a god they don`t believe in will cause trouble, Telzoak starts a reform of laws. Within the Darwishi Empire any citizen is allowed to worship any god they please but must pay a special tax that permits them to do this with out punishment. The second round of changes within the empire was that Telzoak believed that the civilians of the empire should be allowed to marry who they wish, this included people of the same sex or diffrent races. The third round of changes within was that those who wish to advance into society can covert to Yogsoth, which is the worship of Yorgoth.

Economic ChangesEdit

Like the social aspect of the Empires standards this was also changed by Telzoak who believed this was almost as important as the social aspect of the Darwishi Empire`s "Statue". Telzoak demanded that merchants who wished to own their property could be allowed to do so, at the cost of being taxed. A second change was that those who wished to raise a monopoly must give fifty-percent of their earnings to the Goverment. The third, and final, change was that slaves could only be used if they goverment owned slaves.

Technological ChangesEdit

Similiar to the economic and social changes technology in the Darwishi Empire also recieved change. The first change was that they built "phase-ways" in certain area that when intense magic was flooded into the phase-ways they would teleport the person in the center to whatever location it was connected too. The second change was that all building, armor, and weapon materials would be made of Necraok, a type of rock that grows around Phase-Ways and gates to Necriomian.

Ways of the Seke`DalEdit


There are two ways of joining the Seke`Dal, one is a process by which the most loyal of servents are collected and tested to see who has unfaltering faith and skill. The second process is were a family will offer their children to the High Lichieon so that they may be trained from childhood into the "Atum`s Spear".

Training StyleEdit

The Seke`Dal are trained from recruitment until death to be the ultimate warrior, assassin, or necromancer. The training for members of the Seke`Dal varies per person.

Codix of the Seke`DalEdit

Codix OneEdit

Thou Shall Serve till dismissed

Codix TwoEdit

Thou Shall not Falter till told to

Codix ThreeEdit

Thou Shall not Speak of the Empire

Codix FourEdit

Thou Shall Offer thy Eternal soul to Yorgoth

Codix FiveEdit

Thou Shall not break the Codix

Notable MembersEdit

Ebonique Gahiji MertEdit

Eboniqu Gahiji Mert

An Artist`s portrait of Ebonique

Eboniqu is one of the few Darwishi who is unlucky enough to be a Shade. Coming from the Adofo Eboniqu is a warrior at heart and soul. Even in his mostly incorporeal state he serves his people and Atum by guarding Telzoak`s crypt with his unlife. A calm chilling boy who died in his teenage years after fighting in the Darwish Invasions after contracting a disease.