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“Was the death of your parents your fault? Who could have interrupted the event? Who was the only living soul who witnesses the event? One quality that you lack... The Will to Act.”
―Sir Rauss taunting Arthur in training, 4E 184

Sir Sebastian Rauss of Cheydinhal (born 4E 151) was a Nordic Knight who served personally in the Imperial Palace as a squire for Sir Burton until his death in the Great War. After his death and his squire's Knighting, Sebastian was fully prepared and determined to fight off the Thalmor threat. He was one of the major participants in the retaking of the Imperial City. After the Great War, Sebastian served as one of the few Honorary Knights in The Empire. Previously, he had his own personal squire named Arthur and knighted him before the Battle for the Imperial City. Under all circumstances, Sebastian was officially a Blade throughout his entire life.

Early LifeEdit

Sebastian Rauss was born on 14th of Hearthfire, 4E 151 in Cheydinhal after the founding of the Dawnguard by Elder Councillor Weuander Triton, a secret society focusing on the eradication of the undead with the support of his notable members of the Council, Krusius and Faey Rauss. During his childhood, Sebastian spent the majority of his time meditating in front of a shrine of Talos and being illegally trained by Sir Kervall Burton in the outskirts of Cyrodiil upon the borders of Skyrim and Morrowind. During his time, Sebastian was recruited into a group of talented and gifted teenagers who's capabilities extend beyond that of Mundus itself, named the The Vitruvian Absolutes. Sebastian met with mature children such as Kayla, a seer and telekinesis, Chytal, an unknown and outcasted Chryptable and Kassius, another fellow squire experienced in the art of war.

During training sessions outside of Cheydinhal, Sebastian fell increasingly in love with Kayla to the point where he began to draw remarkable artwork of her. Though frequently it was hinted that the two was in love, they always dismissed any rumors of their love.

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