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This mod contains a new race for Morrowind, a complete standalone Asian race using seamless Better Bodies models and including about 70 heads and over 50 hairstyles, many of which are completely new and unreleased models.

Better bodies is NOT required to use this mod, as the files are included. The bodies have the same coloring as the breton bodies.

MANY People contributed to this mod. The list is as follows:

Zuldazug Korana redwoodtreesprite RoBearBerbil Super_Moose TheSiriusSnape lochnarus Erstam Psychodog Studios And an unknown author of the prefixed "RB" hair meshes

Please be aware that this mod is still in beta stage. For any error information (or to report any) please visit the post at the Official Elder Scrolls Forum.

This mod features (I hate trying to sound professional):

- 22 male heads (including vampire head)

- 44 female heads (including vampire head)

- 17 male hairstyles (every one is a new mesh not released in any other mod)

- 44 female hairstyles (with some brand new meshes not used in any other mod)

Here is a rundown of the stats and abilities.

This is the same Asian race as was previously released on Christmas day, with these changes:

- Changed the female body texture to better fit the heads.

- Changed some coloring of the heads (females) to be more uniform in color.

- Added vampire heads for males and females. (screenshot forthcoming)

- Deleted a faulty hair mesh that was causing CTDs and texture problems.

I believe this version will address any issues anyone may have had with the old one.

Korana hasn't received this new update, which is downloadable at

Usage for this mod is simple:

You may use anything in this mod in any other mod as long as the credit is given to everyone who made this mod. No matter what it is, even one tiny thing, you have to list all the ppl listed in this mod's README.

As with any new version of any mod, please take it upon yourself to delete the old version from your downloaded mods folder and your game folders. All the files were put into folders called "Asians" for both mesh and texture files...just delete those folders from the Data Files directories, or overwrite them with the new files included in this version.

(Taken from official Elder Scrolls forums)

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Download version 1.1

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