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Scar'ir is an Argonian Vampire and, during Nola Maenn's time as Arch-Mage of the Mage's Guild, the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood. He was originally an assassin when he defeated Nola Maenn to feed off her, when the Hero of Kvatch and Battlehorn Man-At-Arms Kron Prius intervened. He had since been hunting both the Hero of Kvatch and, when the Hero of Kvatch seemed to disappear, he went after Nola Maenn. Many recent 'contracts' for the Dark Brotherhood involved Nola Maenn, and came from Scar'ir, with rewards coming from his own pockets. He is also the ancester of Dark Brotherhood Listener Gor'er, who hunted Nola's Descendent Cynthia Maenn, much like Scar'ir hunted Nola Maenn 2 centuries earlier. Scar'ir was eventually killed by Hero of Kvatch/Sheogoroth.