Savlian Matius
Savlian Matius
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Kvatch Guard


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  • Kvatch
  • New Kvatch
  • 3E 416
  • 4E 25
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  • Third
  • Fourth
  • Kvatch Guard Captain
  • Count Kvatch
  • King

Savlian Matius was a male Imperial soldier, and was Captain of the Kvatch City Guard. During the Oblivion Crisis's Battle of Kvatch he helped many people escape the terrible raid on the city. He assisted Bendu Olo in recapturing Kvatch from the daedric horde of Mehrunes Dagon. After recapturing Kvatch, he became the new Count Kvatch and led the city of Kvatch as its King after the fall of the Republic of Tamriel. He expanded Kvatch's territoy and laid the foundations for the Empire of Kvatch.



Savlian Matius was born in the year 3E 416. His father was a Kvatch City Guard named Storm Matius, and his mother was a merchant who owned the weapon shop known as Colovian Steel. Savlian grew up in his family's manor house, but spent most of his time in the Castle Barracks watching his father and the other Guardsmen train. In 3E 423, the Vonius family moved to Kvatch. Ilend Vonius the youngest child of the Vonius Family quickly befriended Savlian, and they spent many years in each others company, getting into mischief, and going on adventures. Three years later, Savlian's father died in a border skirmish with Redguard bandits. His mother was left to raise him by herself, and eventually they went bankrupt. The Matius family was forced to relocate to the Imperial City Waterfront, where they lived for several years before Savlian joined the Imperial Legion.

Legion ServiceEdit

In the year 3E 420, Savlian decided to join the Imperial Legion. At that time, the Empire was embroiled in the Vvardenfell Crisis and the Solstheim Rebellions. Savlian was posted at Fort Frostmoth, a large Imperial fort on Solstheim. He served there for a year and a half, fighting Nordic Barbarians and driving back the encroaches of the Falmer, or Rieklings. In the year 4E 433, Fort Frostmoth was assaulted by the werewolves of Boethiah. The fortress was quickly overrun and many Imperial soldiers were killed. Savlian and his squad fought bravely, but were eventually forced to retreat to harbor, where they successfully defended, until the Nerevarine arrived and helped them destroy the werewolves. Savlian and the Nerevarine quickly established a friendship that lasted until the Nerevarine departed for his travels of Akavir.

Two years later, in the year 3E 435, Savlian was transfered to Fort Moonmoth, in Morrowind. There he quickly gained a name for himself, fighting off Ashlanders, and the increasing Sixth House raids. Savlian was promoted to lieutenant that same year. His service abruptly ended when he was wounded during a skirmish with pirates. During the skirmish, he and his battalion were assaulted by pirates, and were quickly overran. Savlian was left for dead, but was later found by reinforcements. He was discharged from the Imperial Legion because of his injuries, and traveled back to the Imperial City.

Kvatch City GuardEdit

Upon arriving in the Imperial City's Waterfront District, Savlian learned that his mother had died the previous year. Gathering his few possessions from their shack, Savlian then decided to move back to Kvatch. He quickly bought a large manor house, and joined the Kvatch City Guard. During this time, Savlian was reunited with his old friend, Ilend Vonius, who had also joined the Kvatch City Guard. Savlian solved many crimes and arrested many criminals during his time as a Guardsman, and eventually he gained the trust of Halderus Goldwine, Count Kvatch, who after the death of the current Kvatch Guard Captain promoted Savlian to that position.

As Captain of the Kvatch City Guard, Savlian reorganized the entire militia, and trained it in the style of the Imperial Legion. Under Savlian, the Kvatch City Guard became the most renowned City Guard in Tamriel, capturing the Wet Ear Thieves, killing the Eagle Bandits, and arresting Skrivva. During this time the two heirs for the throne of Kvatch, Otto and Wilhelm Goldwine, began vying for the inheritance. The city guard split into two, one side supporting Otto and one supporting Wilhelm.

Secret Civil War of KvatchEdit

The situation in Kvatch began to deteriorate into civil war. Savlian was the only guard who stayed neutral in the conflict, due to his sense of duty and loyalty to the Count, Halderus Goldwine. Several days later, fighting broke out all over Kvatch. With civilians and guardsmen taking sides. Savlian meanwhile stayed with Halderus within Castle Kvatch, while the situation outside began to get worse and worse. Wilhelm's supporters were beaten time and again. Eventually, Wilhelm was forced to leave the city, and swore never to return.

Several months later, Wilhelm returned, but this time he was prepared. He had gathered several groups of bandits, who had agreed to assist him in exchange for the right to plunder. Otto's forces were completely destroyed and was forced to take refuge inside Castle Kvatch. Wilhelm, ever determined to complete his ambitions, followed him, and Castle Kvacth became the scene of a brutal massacre. Halderus dispatched Savlian to keep the brothers from killing each other. While defending Otto, Savlian grievously wounded Wilhelm, but Otto was killed by his supporters. Both brothers died, and Savlian lost the count's confidence, as Halderus sank into the depths of despair, grieving at the loss of his heirs.

Oblivion CrisisEdit

Battle of KvatchEdit

The attack was swift and unexpected. The Mythic Dawn, led by Eldamil, a lieutenant of Mankar Camoran, opened an Oblivion Gate directly before Kvatch, and the daedra attacked. The Mythic Dawn continued to open two more gates, meeting the gate requirement to summon their true power. Eldamil opened the Great Oblivion Gate, allowing the massive Daedric Siege Crawler to emerge and overtake the city.

The Initial SiegeEdit

The daedra swarmed into the city, killing anything that moved. The casualties were enormous. The Siege Engine blasted at the walls, and then came crawling over them to set fire to the city. The Kvatch Guard, led by Savlian, bravely tried to resist, but the daedra were too many. In no time, the city was completely ablaze, and its people were retreating haphazardly. Few managed to survive. Savlian managed to get a large group of people and guards out of the main gate and to safety.

The attack took only one night, and by the time it was over, Kvatch was nothing more than a ruin. Those that survived were left with nothing, and were gathered in a small encampment south of the city. Eldamil and the Mythic Dawn closed the Great Gate, but left one Oblivion Gate open in front of the city gate in order to prevent any attempts at retaking the city. The daedra took full occupation of the city, while Savlian and what few guards were left set up a series of barricades in front of the city in order to protect the encampment.

Bendu Olo ArrivesEdit

During this time, an anonymous prisoner who had witnessed the assassination of Uriel Septim brought the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre, the Grandmaster of the Blades. The Amulet was the one way to restore the barriers between the mortal world and Oblivion, and Jauffre revealed that Martin, the final heir to the throne, was still alive. The prisoner then went to Kvatch to find Martin. Upon arriving, the prisoner was greeted by a panicked survivor of the attack, who was fleeing the city. The prisoner proceeded into the encampement, and there learned what had happened to Kvatch. The townspeople said that Savlian Matius would know what had become of Martin. The prisoner went to the barricades, and there found Savlian and his men fighting Daedra that came from the remaining Oblivion Gate. Savlian informed the prisoner that Martin was still in the city, in the chapel, and that he and the remaining survivors could not be rescued until the Oblivion Gate was closed and their path into the city was clear. The prisoner, to the great surprise of Savlian, then proceeded into the Oblivion Gate.

Upon entering the Gate, into a section of Dagon's Deadlands known as Ganonah, the prisoner assisted Ilend Vonius, who had been part of a team Savlian had sent into the Gate in an effort to close it. After sending Vonius to help Savlian, the prisoner went further into the deadly plane of Oblivion. After fighting numerous Daedra and making it to a tower, the prisoner encountered Menien Gould, another member of the guard team, who was being held captive by Ganonah's Sigil Keeper. After the prisoner killed the Keeper, Menien said that the only way to close the Gate was to remove its Sigil Stone at the top of the large Sigil Tower. The prisoner proceeded into the Tower, and after a lengthy climb and fight to the top, succeeded in entering the Sigillum Sanguis and removing the Gate's Sigil Stone. There was a great flash of fire, and the prisoner was transported back to the barricades, the Oblivion Gate disappearing. Seeing that the Gate was closed, Savlian ordered an assault on the occupied city, assisted by the prisoner.

In the first area of the city, the prisoner and the guards succeeded in killing what Daedra were there, along with the Dremora leader. They then proceeded into the chapel, finding the survivors, two guards, and Martin safe and sound. Savlian ordered that the survivors be taken to the encampment, then began to plan out a way to rescue the Count from the castle and end the occupation of Kvatch.

The Siege is BrokenEdit

Savlian, determined to retake Kvatch, enlisted the aid of the prisoner once more. Along with what guards were left, they entered the city proper and attacked the Daedra there. They found, however, that the castle gate was shut tight, accessible only from the gatehouse. Savlian told the prisoner to go with guardsman Berich Inian, who had the gatehouse key, and open the gate. The prisoner and Inian were aided by three Imperial Legion soldiers, who had seen the smoke from Kvatch and come to help. The five fought their way through the city to the gatehouse, where the prisoner and the Legion soldiers went on to open the castle gate, allowing Savlian and the guards to attack the castle courtyard.

In the castle's great hall, the guards fought off more Daedra, and Savlian ordered the prisoner to rescue the Count. The prisoner, the Legion soldiers, and several guards went further into the castle, killing more Daedra, until at last they came to the count's quarters. After killing the final Daedric creature, they discovered the body of Ormellius Goldwine. The prisoner brought the count's signet ring back to Savlian, who was thankful for it, and gave the prisoner the Kvatch cuirass from his own back. The prisoner then left the city under Savlian's control and found Martin amongst the survivors in the encampment.


After the battle, Savlian, who had established a friendship with Bendu Olo by now, became Count Kvatch, and began to rebuild the destroyed city and revived the destitute civilians' hopes. Several months passed, and eventually Bendu returned, seeking aid for Bruma. Determined not to let the horror of what had happened to Kvatch also be done to Bruma, Savlian sent Ilend Vonius and a company of Kvatch City Guard to heed the call and fight at Bruma.

While his men were away fighting, Savlian began to rebuild the destroyed city, and gave new hope to its destitute civilians. Forsaking his own needs, Savlian slept in the City Chapel until all of the civilians' homes were rebuilt, earning their respect. Finally after the city had been rebuilt, grander and richer than before, Savlian was elected Count Kvatch by the people of the city he had rebuilt. Ilend Vonius returned at the head of a triumphant company of Kvatch City Guardsmen, who had bravely fought at Bruma, several days later.

Around this time, Savlian married Sigrid, a very wealthy Nord alchemist. Savlian wasted no time, quickly getting her pregnant, but at that time his attentions were focused elsewhere.

War of SuccessionEdit

After the Oblivion Crisis, with Savlian ruling, Kvatch began to prosper once again as a member of the Republic of Tamriel. Several years passed, and Savlian soon turned into an expert diplomat as well as an excellent politican and soldier. In the year 4E 14, peaceful protestors who had gathered to protest the corruption of the Elder Council were slaughtered wholesale by the Imperial Legion. The peoples of the Republic seceded in outrage, and the War of Succession began.

Savlian and the people of Kvatch, though outraged at the massacre, decided to fight for the Republic, due to their gratitude to Bendu Olo, one of the High Chancellors of the Republic, and the Hero of Kvatch. Many battles were fought, with Savlian and the Kvatch City Guard always in the forefront, always taking the brunt of the attack, and always winning. The war quickly began to turn in the Republic's favor.

After returning from one battle back to Kvatch, he received the news that his wife had given birth to a son, who he named Halderus Matius after the former Count Kvatch.

Then in the year 4E 17, High Chancellor Bendu Olo was assassinated. No longer owing any loyalty to the Republic of Tamriel, the Kvatch City Guard turned on their former comrades, and began to wage war on the Republic. Savlian and the Kvatch City Guard quickly overtook and occupied Bruma, and the marched south and laid siege to the Imperial City, along with the forces of Skingrad, Anvil, and the rebuilt city of Sutch. The Imperial City quickly fell. The Elder Council and High Chancellor Ocato were quickly executed, and Savlian returned to Kvatch at the head of a victorious army.

Forming an EmpireEdit

“I came, I saw, I conquered.”
―Savlian Matius

After the bloody War of Succession, Savlian, now with Bruma and Cheydinhal under his rule, began to envision a new empire, one with Kvatch at its center. With the populations of Bruma, and Cheydinhal under his rule, he quickly expanded the Kvatch City Guard, which he renamed the Kvatch Protectors, and made them the army of Kvatch. With this new army, Savlian's eyes looked west towards Skingrad, and Anvil. His armies advanced on Skingrad.

The Skingrad forces were quickly routed, but managed to defend the walls of Skingrad for several hours before eventually being forced to retreat to Castle Skingrad, where they prepared to make their last stand. As the Kvatch Protectors began to move towards the bridge, the Skingrad forces collapsed it, leaving no way into the castle. Savlian, however, came up with a brilliant idea, while his engineers worked on rebuilding the bridge, his soldiers attempted to scale the walls. This plan worked, but many Protectors were killed by the lethal magicks of Count Skingrad, Janus Hassildor.

With Skingrad under his control, Savlian's forces assaulted Anvil. Anvil quickly fell, but revolted soon after Savlian returned back to Kvatch. Needless to say, the rebellion was quickly put down.

After Savlian's conquest of Anvil, King Roderick of Sutch, allied with Savlian, adding his extensive and excellently trained army of mercenaries to Savlian's already impressive military might. With these extra forces under his command, Savlian quickly assaulted the Imperial City, and captured it after just over eleven hours.

Fifteen years later, Savlian resumed his war of conquest. His armies swiftly swept south and assaulted Bravil, taking it after a siege of several days. Savlian, determined to finally unite all of Cyrodiil, proceeded with his army south to Leyawiin, and quickly crushed all resistance. Finally, he had united all of Cyrodiil. Several hours after his successful conquest, Savlian learned that King Roderick and his mercenary army had betrayed him. They had taken control of Anvil as soon as he left, and had already begun to besiege Skingrad.

Savlian rushed to Skingrad with his army. Roderick's forces, surprised at Savlian being back so soon, were quickly routed, but at a cost. For Savlian was struck on the head by a piece of the crumbling Skingrad walls, and went into a coma. Savlian remained in the coma for several weeks, but eventually died. His body was laid to rest in the newly built Kvatch Imperial Gardens.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Savlian Matius appeared in the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as Kvatch's Captain of the Guard.
  • Bendu Olo is based on the player character of the Elder Scrolls IV.

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