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Qoph (mentor, deceased), Alahk (Father, deceased), Yedina (mother, alive)

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Tsarek Spellsword, Demon Hunter

  • Hammerfell Natives

Samekh is a Redguard spellsword who was recognized for the slaying of the demon al-Baba at the time of the Oblivion crisis. He lives like the original Redguards from Yokuda did in Hammerfell, in his village of Tsarek.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Samekh was born in the Redguard village Tsarek in Hammerfell. Although, by the time of his birth, Hammerfell had been brought into the Empire, Tsarek was outside of the Empire's protection due to the village's refusal to accept Imperial ways, as many neo-Yokudan villages did. The Empire desired the lands for their sumptuous amounts of mineral wealth, but the neo-Yokudans would not allow Imperials within their lands, and the Imperials could not invade, as that would anger both pro-life groups within the Empire and the entire area of Hammerfell. During a small raid by Imperial forces into Tsarek, Samekh's herder father, Alakh, died, although he and his mother survived. His mother was taken into custody by the village, and Samekh was taken up by the village's spellsword, Qoph, to be trained.

Training under QophEdit

Qoph was a hard trainer, although his skill was undeniable. Qoph was extremely potent in the magical arts and in swordplay. Under his tutelage, Samekh grew in skill. Soon, he became an exceptionally skilled swordsman in his own right, and his magical abilities exceeded those of many mages within Imperial lands. Samekh began to treat Qoph as his father, and they developed a bond between each other.


Main article--Pestilence

Ancient Yokudan folktales told of the horrible monster al-Baba that lived south of Tsarek. Legend said that the monster al-Baba, or Ababa, was a large demon that lived within a virulent swamp and came out every so often to attack settlements. It was supposedly able to spit disease from its mouth and was the head of a large army of reptilian monsters.

The legends were true. al-Baba was real. It attacked Tsarek with a herd of virulent monsters. After a brief fight, the monster mortally wounded Qoph and flew away before Samekh could kill it. Samekh's love for his master caused him to begin a quest to hunt the monster down. Eventually, he traced it to a cave and slew it while it was sleeping, then he took Qoph's body back to Tsarek, where it was cremated. This tale earned Samekh both the titles of "Spellsword of Tsarek" and "Demon Hunter."

Personality Edit

Samekh is a very solemn individual off of the battlefield. He takes his job as Tsarek's local spellsword very seriously, and his past gives him few things to joke about. He does find pride in his village and heritage, and he takes his job as its protector very seriously. Due to his master's untimely death, he was not able to learn everything about the Spellsword that he wanted to, and so he is studying from his master's old books in order to learn more. He is also looking for an individual to train as his successor, although a child would be preferable.

Skills and Equipment Edit

On the battlefield, Samekh is a wholly different person. He is a wily and clever fighter, and is very thorough in his fights. When in fights, Samekh is a master of evading the attacks of his opponents, turning them against themselves, and striking while his opponents are weakened or confused. He is trained in the use of all traditional Yokudan weaponry, but he fights primarily with his crescent blade "Edged Lightening". He has been known to use tribal shields, spears, and Qoph's sword "Winter" in combat. His ferocity in battle has earned him the nickname "The Crazed Swordsman," and people of Tsarek sometimes call him Lightening-Blade, after his use of "Edged Lightening". Magically, Samekh varies his magical uses, switching between Illusion, Alteration, Destruction, Mysticism, and Restoration. He preferably attacks with lightening magic, as it is the type that is least resisted.

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