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Physical and Magical qualities

Average lifespan

800 - 1000 years

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Cultural and Historical characteristics



Religious beliefs

Saresh/Sithis worship


The Tsaesci are a race of Snake folk who inhabit a region in Akavir from which they take their common name from.

Denizens of Akavir's most powerful kingdom and the creators of snake magic, the Tsaesci are viewed by the other inhabitants of the continent with great distrust and superstition, most of which is justified. They devoured the humans of Akavir before turning their sights on the rest of the world, igniting global war on numerous occasions.ed while others were banished to Oblivion as an ironic punishment. There were, however, som

Anatomy Edit

The Tsaesci share many similarities with Vampires to some extent. They are also very tall, their height equaling that of a Dremora Lord, and are universally lean with dense musculature.

History Edit

Origins (Arrival in Akavir) Edit

Snake Worship (Chosen of Saresh) Edit

Growing Influence (Rise of the Snake Men) Edit

Akaviri Genocide (The First Feast)Edit

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