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The Saemer, more commonly known as the Tsaesci and even Snake folk, are a race of Mer who inhabit a region in Akavir from which they take their common name from.

Denizens of Akavir's most powerful kingdom and the creators of snake magic, the Saemer are viewed by the other inhabitants of the continent with great distrust and superstition, most of which is justified. They devoured the humans of Akavir before turning their sights on the rest of the world, igniting global war on numerous occasions.

Though not a common fact, the Saemer are the progenitors of the Maormer from Pyandonea, which is where the Sea Elves gained their mastery of snake magic.

Anatomy Edit

The Saemer share many similarities with other Mer races and Vampires to some extent with pointed ears, pale skin, and thin sharpened facial features with deep, glowing eyes that give them a perpetually sinister visage. They are also very tall, their height equaling that of a Dremora Lord, and are universally lean with dense musculature.

Where they differ from other Mer is their ability to shape-shift into large, horrendous serpents. With serpentine lower bodies and humanoid torsos, these snake transformations can increase a Saemer's strength, speed, and senses several fold. In this form, the Saemer also gain an irresistible bloodlust and hunger, causing them to devour anyone not of their kind. Over many generations, Saemer learned to be able to take this form at will with relative ease.

Because the Saemer can shape-shift between a humanoid and serpentine form, the few descriptions of them from Tamrielic scholars are usually conflicting -- some describing them as men and others referring to them as eels.

History Edit

Origins (Arrival in Akavir) Edit

The origins of the Saemer is a mystery, even amongst themselves.

While there are many conflicting ideas of how they came to be, the earliest recorded history of their people claims that they are, in fact, descendents of the Aldmer. The record states that, during the Meredithic Age, there was a prominent society of Aldmer mages in the elven homeland who created and practiced taboo magic and rituals. This group became criminalized when it was discovered that they were using this magic to contact the Daedric beings of Oblivion in a plot to trade Nirn for unlimited power.

The King of the Aldmer, shocked by these acts of treachery and blasphemy, called for this society to be destroyed leading to a civil war -- the only one known to occur on Aldmeris. While the mages had many Daedric powers supporting them in the war, the King had the power of Auri-El and his chief gods, leading them to victory.

With the war lost and the mages defeated, many were executed while others were banished to Oblivion as an ironic punishment. There were, however, some who escaped both fates and instead, fled Aldmeris in an exodus. These Aldmer eventually found their way to Akavir, a land dominated by fledgeling tribes of beast-folk. There, the Aldmer would live in isolation for thousands of years in a land known as Tsaesci.

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Akaviri Genocide (The First Feast)Edit

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