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Ryan Cain is a Maj. Gen. in the UOGE. His operations on Nirn are intertwined with the Thieves Guild. He uses stealth to fight his foes. His agility is well known and often called "inhuman".

Combat SkillsEdit

Ryan rarely took his foes head on. He used the invisibility spell and several illusion spells to confuse his enemies. He also used a special disguise spell for infiltration. He used whirlwind sprint (WULD NAH KEST) to move quickly and Elemental Fury (SU GRAH DUUN) once in battle. He used unique glass armor and glass one-handed weapons, usually his dual custom designed daggers, Wind and Water. He sometimes had enchanted weapons and armor with waterbreathing, paralyse, banish, etc. He used dragonhide and wards to resist heavy enemy attacks. He is seen in random encounters with an Ace of Blades dagger assassinating disguised Revolutionaries.

Quest PurposesEdit

Two-fifteen is a lieutenant of A-218 and is therefore involved in the UOGE sided-Battle for Nirn questline and the Ace of Blades storyline. He commands the Wind Walkers, an Ace of Blades group that is known for literally steppping over traps without triggering them. He possesses a perk that allows him to rapidly evade traps and never set them off himself.