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Rockfall IslandEdit

Rockfall is a small island south of Tamriel. Little is known of the island and would have been undiscovered if not for a great event known as the Firestorm, the Firestorm was a large meteor shower that brought the attention of multiple parties to the island who all fight over the powerful recources that make up the remains of the meteors.


Early HistoryEdit

Little is known of the island of Rockfall before the great storm, while not proved it is beleived that Rockfall was once a jungle paradise inhabited by a  diverse selection of beasts and tribes. These tribes fought with eachover for many years in fast, brutal wars across the jungles and beaches in guerilla battles to which the tribal warriors specialised in, the discovery of a large dwarven mine underneith the island also suggests to another race that inhabited the island.

The StormEdit

The island of Rockfall would still be undiscovered by the races of Tamriel if not for the great event known as the Great Storm. From the shores of southern Tamriel long, red strokes like blood splatters across the sky pointed to the direction of the island which would soon be known as Rockfall by the inhabitents of the mainland. A small fleet of fishing ships assembled in both the cities of Anvil and Leyawiin aswell as explorers on the Summerset Isles who all set sail in the direction of the rocks that fell from the heavens.

After a long journey many of the ships had turned back, sunk or simply gone missing with small but still dangerous rocks still falling from the skies with many of them hitting and sinking the exploring ships killing all on board.