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Ri’Shieth was a Khajiit born in the city of Senchal, orphaned by the Knahaten Flu and then adopted by the Warrior Do’Vas. He was trained in the art of heavy weapons and was kidnapped by bandits and sold as a slave before realizing he had the world to explore in the palm of his hand.


Young Life

Ri’Shieth was born a Khajiit in southern Elsweyr in the city of Senchal in the year 2E 553, son to two rich nobles living in that area. Not much else is known about his early life but because of his high birth he was trained in the art of combat, history the arts and the culture of his cat people. That was until disaster struck when he was seven years old in the year 2E 560 when the Knahaten Flu hit the city. Entire neighbourhoods were destroyed to stop the flu from spreading, but this did not save his parents as they died from the flu. Ri’Shieth was then changed in a way then that affected his entire life, he learned the value life and then did not want to squander his days living in a noble house discussing politics, he wanted adventure and freedom.

After his parent’s death a Khajiit warrior who was acquainted to his parents named Do'Vas adopted the young Ri’Shieth and left the ravaged city of Senchal. Together they travelled north towards the town of Dune surrounded by the harsh Anequina desert. Ri’Shieth was fascinated by this new landscape and by how different it was to the fertile lands of southern Elsweyr. During his and Do'Vas's journey he usually wandered off from the roads exploring the vast desert only then returning back to the old warrior. In what little time he could Do'Vas taught Ri’Shieth how to use heavy two handed weapons (something of a rare skill for Khajiit’s) and also told him how to be a leader. Ri’Shieth excelled in this training despite his young age showing natural ability in both these areas by the time they reached the town of Dune.

The palace of Dune

Once the pair made it to Dune, Do'Vas became a mercenary for coin enough to buy a house, leaving Ri’Shieth to wander the dusty streets to his heart’s content. Soon enough as the years went by Ri’Shieth begun to get tired with the town of Dune and at every chance he got he wandered out into the desert looking for adventure.


Four years passed and Ri’Shieth turned twelve in the year 2E 565 adventuring the deserts by day and training with Do'Vas by night. But on one day he came to the site of one of the long abandoned ancient Dwemer ruins. Ri’Shieth saw this as an opportunity, as the son of nobles he knew of the Dwemer ruins and what treasure they contained; fixated at this he went in to investigate. He entered the ruins finding the remains of the Dwarven spider workers and Dwarven spheres. Curious he continued further down into the ruins, coming across more of the destroyed Dwemer crafts until he came across voices not of Khajiit’s. He crept down into a large Dwarven hall room and spied two elves an Orc and five men of imperial decent arguing at another door at the far end of the room wielding an assortment of weapons. Seeing that bandits had gotten here first Ri’Shieth begun to turn back not wanting to mess with these people only to see a nocked arrow in his face. Another bandit that was a Bosmer elf had trailed him from the entrance and had now caught Ri’Shieth unawares. The Elf called to his companions who then swiftly surrounded the young Khajiit and bonded his hands with rope. The bandits and the young Khajiit then left the ruins after the Orcs unsuccessful attempt at taking down the door. With the bandits dreams of Dwemer gold ruined, they then headed to Leyawiin to sell Ri’Shieth as a Khajiit slave in hope that their journey to the ruins had some gold coins left in it. Ri’Shieth was starved and forced to walk exhausted though the harsh landscape as the bandits pushed him on. The Bosmer Elf who captured the young Khajiit felt sorry for him telling him when they set camp about his homeland of Valenwood. Of the massive tree cities and the endless forest that hosted all manner of beasts such as Minotaur’s and Hydras. The Bosmer almost went as far as helping the Khajiit to escape.

Attempted Escape

The group of bandits had steadily advanced though Elsweyr and had made it to the Cyrodilic border, it was then the Bosmer Elf now known to Ri’Shieth as Arathor set his escape plan to work. During one of the nights he was set to guard the young Khajiit as the others slept, he explained his plan to Ri’Sheith and they left hastily. Arathor planned to follow the road to Bravil then to west back to Elsweyr to put off the other bandit who would expect them to go the short way. The plan went smoothly as the Khajiit and Elf found the road midmorning but Arathor forgot one detail. One of the other bandit elves also a Bosmer, was a skilled tracker and eventually they heard the other bandit’s approaching rapidly. Arthor stood his ground and was cut down by the Orc and Ri’Shieth was captured once again.

Journey To Morrowind

When the bandit group made it to Leyawiin, Ri’Shieth was sold to a Dunmer merchant and put on a ship destined for Morrowind. The ship was cramped and filled with goods transported from the Nibenay Valley and there were even a few more older slaves. The ship set sail two days after Ri’Shieth was sold and was rocked heavily by storms in the Topal bay before finally coming out into calm seas. This journey took a toll on the Khajiit; he hated every bit of that voyage and vowed never again to venture out into the open seas. After the better part of six months the ship arrived in the city of Vivec and Ri’Shieth was sold again to rich noble of house Dres to work in the mines with thousands of other Khajiit and Argonian slaves.

Slave Miner YearsEdit

Ri’Shieth was now thirteen years old and it was the year 2E 566 when he finally got to the mines. Life then became hard for the teen Khajiit the endless work and barely anything to eat, despite this Ri’Shieth battered through this as he had been though bad things before. He made friends in the mines such as young female Khajiit named S’Kira who had worked in these mines for most of her life as she was born into slavery. And there was also a Argonian called Madesi who was taken from his homeland of Argonia at an early age by Dunmer raiders. These three formed a friend ship that helped them make the years of work more manageable until they planned an escape.

Out Of The MinesEdit

After two years labouring in the mines Ri’Shieth had yeaned to escape the endless work and formulated a plan to get him, Madesi and S’Kira out of the mines to freedom. He and his two friends would sneak out into the night and hide themselves into one of the many carts that would be shipped out all over Morrowind. They set their plan to work with S’Kira stealing the cage keys from the guards and they then waited until night fell. Once the Dunmer guards locked them into their cages S’Kira unlocked the cage back open and scouted the area. Once she called the all clear Madesi and Ri’Shieth followed her out of the mines into the carting area. The plan so far went well except for the guard they had not expected guarding the carts of ore. Ri’Shieth snuck up the dark elven guard and expertly took his dagger, knowing that it was the only way to freedom the Khajiit stabbed the guard between the ribs. This move haunted Ri’Shieth for the rest of his life for it was the first person he would kill but not the last. Passing the dead Dunmer, Ri’Shieth and the others hopped in the cart and buried themselves in the ore to await transportation


Dawn came at last to the eyes of Ri’Sheith and the cart was then finally pulled by a group of Dunmer. The journey took hours, and to the three friends it was agony without food. Finally the cart stopped and Ri’Shieth took a peek from under the ore, from seeing the runes from a sign it was obvious that they were now in Balmora. He ushered for his friends to sneak out of the cart and sneak out they did. The group wandered around Balmora aimlessly; now that they had escaped they did not know what to do with their freedom. Madesi then suggested a life of adventure, to wander Morrowind finding treasures from old ruins exploring the landscape and finding fame and fortune. Ri’Shieth being the adventurer he was readily accepted the idea and so after getting a few coins they set out into the realm of Morrowind.

Life as an AdventurerEdit

With what few coins they had Ri’Sheith, Madesi and S’Kira headed north and explored the landscape of Morrowind. Its landscape was unlike anything Ri’Shieth had ever seen, the flora was alien like, but grey with ash showing resemblance to the race that live here. They spent most of the time pillaging ruins doing small mercenary tasks and the occasional illegal deed. By most of their adventuring was overshadowed by the fact that the members of house Dres were tracking Ri’Shieth and his companions and they went though many encounters and escapes. But this all ended when war came to Morrowind in the form of an Akivir invasion and Ri’Shieth sighed up to fight as a mercenary for the Dunmer.


 Both Madesi and S’Kira opposed the idea that possessed Ri’Shieth to prove his worth to the Dunmer that called them slaves and thieves. Dispite both his friends’ rejection to the idea and them leaving him forever did not affect Ri’Shieth when he signed up as a mercenary. During this time serving with the Dunmer, he was scorned and bullied by his fellow dark elf soldier’s. But this he did not mind as he sought to prove himself to the Dunmer and show them that a Khajiit slave can do great things.

This chance finally came when the Dunmer army finally marched on the Akavir that had invaded Morrowind through the Nord province of Skyrim. In the coming battle the Dunmer commanders were amused when they heard word of this Khajiit mercenary and deliberately put him on the front lines for the coming battle. Little did they know that Ri'Shieth wanted this to happen to prove himself to the Dunmer.

When the battle finally came to commence, the Dunmer were ordered to charge as was the young Khajiit. The battle that followed was a bloody one, the ranks of the Dunmer nearly fell to the Akiviri horde. But despite that Ri’Shieth took many of the invaders down with his long sword inspiring the other Dunmer to fight on. It was then a horn blew from the back of the Akiviri army, a Nordic one. The battle was then joined by Jorunn the Skald-King and his Nordic army. With that the battle swung back into the favour of the Dunmer but was still in the balance. It was then when Ri’Shieth suffered a wound to the side from one of the invaders and was forced to fall back after he smote the foreigner with his blade

From the safety of the healing tents at the very back of the Dunmer lines, the Khajiit watched on as the battle continued; only just in the balance. The Nords, as he saw, were desperately trying to link up with the Dunmer force’s to combine their strength, but was held back steadily by the Akivir army between them. Then something happened that nobody would have ever expected. An army of Argonian shellbacks came, marching from the south in their battle ranks smashing into the Akivir. It was then that the enemy finally broke under the weight of the three combined armies, and desperately routed from the field. Ri’Shieth then watched on as the Ebonheart pact was born.  

Following the healing of his wounds Ri’Shieth decided he had enough of Morrowind and his mercenary work and yeaned to go back to his homeland. He had been in Morrowind for almost three years and he worried about Do’Vas, the one who taught him the skills that had allowed him to survive this long. With a heavy heart he said goodbye to his dark elf comrades that now respected him for his skill in combat and made his way south intent on Elsweyr.

The Journey HomeEdit

Working his way south Ri’Shieth steadily walked his way back to Elsweyr via the city of Cheydinhal. Passing the Velothi mountain’s however to reach that city proved near impossible, with bandits and Cliff Racer’s attacking him every step of the way. However he made it, now feeling free of the bonds that had kept him in Morrowind and breathing the fresh air instead of the sulphuric air of Morrowind.

When he entered the city of Cheydinhal, Ri’Shieth was met with suspicion. But this did not surprise him for Cyrodiil was in chaos; the once great empire was now crumbling and many factions including that of his homeland were now warring for control over its remains. Despite this suspicion he stayed a few nights, and bought some supplies for his long journey home with what little money he had. Then he continued southwest hoping to cross the Niben and cross the border back over to Elsweyr. 

The journey continued well, almost too well. The young Khajiit tried to minimize the amount of trouble he could get into by sticking to the wild, however this was more dangerous then he predicted it to be. The wild was teaming with bandits, all seeking a way to live without the insanely high taxes the crumbled empire had imposed on them, and Ri’Shieth knew that they would show no mercy when it came to a few gold. So he treaded carefully, cursing himself for his mistake, but for all he knew, the road could have been a lot more dangerous. Eventually his luck had run out and he was found by a group of wandering bandits, eager for the chance to pounce an unwary traveller such as the Khajiit. Ri’Shieth yielded to them, as he could not possibly take on the seven of them at once. The bandits then took all his weapons and lead him to their camp, to be ‘relieved of his gold’. But too his surprise, someone was at the camp who he did not expect. S’Kira. 

Time as a Bandit

It was made to him that S’Kira was now a respectable member of the bandit group, arriving in the same manner as Ri’Shieth did a captive of them. However, on the way back to the camp she managed to steal the gold off all those around her, while she was binded. She was then presented to the bandit leader, a Nord by the name of Hijolf and she passed him all the gold she had stolen. Hijolf was amused at this, and let her into the group where she proved her skills in sneaking and stealing. Still being somewhat of a friend to Ri’Shieth, S’Kira pleaded his case, stating that he was a worthy warrior and a quick thinker. 

Hijolf was luckily convinced, and offered a place in their band, something some of the others were not too happy about. Ri’Shieth had no choice, he could not face off against the now 14 members of the bandit group and he didn’t want to betray the trust S’Kira placed in him. So, he reluctantly accepted the offer receiving looks from some of the other bandits. From there that night, he slept nearest to S’kira keeping one eye open in case one of the other bandits wanted to try his luck on him. Thankfully, for him, nothing of the sort happened and he prepared himself for the trials of the future.

Life thankfully in the bandit camp wasn’t as worse as other points in Ri’Shieth’s life, though he hated every bit of it. All of what the bandits stood for was against all of his morals, and for that he never felt welcome. However, he noticed. For S’Kira it was a different story, she enjoyed the fact she could sneak around and steal from whomever, whenever she wanted. Because of this Ri’Shieth felt distanced from her, like she had changed into a completely different person. He couldn’t help blame himself for this, as after all he was the one who abandoned her to regain his pride

As he was the newest member of the group, Ri’Shieth was trusted with all the dirty work. This was most distracting guards, if they needed to make a quick escape, holding up caravan wagons while the other snuck around, and scouting out ruins when they needed a place to sleep. All in all it was hard work, but it was nothing Ri’Shieth could handle physically, however emotionally it was very painful. It went against everything he was, and as every day passed he fell more and more into despair. Eventually, he found he could not take it anymore, and the next time they went into a ruin to camp, he planned to escape the groups foul clutches.

When day finally fell, Ri’Shieth put his plan into motion. He was asked by Hijolf to investigate a set of old ruins dating back to the Alessian Empire, so they could have a safe place to sleep for the night. Ri’Shieth agreed to this, but something happened he did not expect. S’Kira offered to go with him, and Hijolf seeing that the two made a good pair accepted and let them both enter the ruins.

As he continued down the hallways of this ruin, Ri’Shieth could not get the feeling of S’Kira’s eyes off him. He could not abandon her; he wanted to help her, since he was the one whom had left her to her fate. However, despite being able to face against armies, and kill many beasts, he was not able to tell her this as they continued. Eventually, they had walked through the ruins with little stopping them, and had found a back entrance to the place. Now, he had to leave, but with S’Kira watching him, he found it hard to do so.


Dunmer dagger: Ri'Shieth gained this weapon from the first peron he killed in his life. It is a sharp deadly blade of ebony from the mines he worked in; engraved on the side is the symbol of House Dres.  Just holding this dagger makes him marked to death by House Dres as they send their agents to kill him.
Swords black big-1-

Ri'Shieth's longblade

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Dunmer Dagger


Ri'Shieth, beacause of all the challenges he's been through is a resilient Khajiit. He is also described a very adventurous not wanting to leave any place unexplored 


Ri'Shieth is a Khajiit, his fur colour mainly consist's of orange, white and black. He is also very muscular, mainly from the use of heavy weapons.


Do'Vas- Do'Vas an old Khajiit that was almost like a father to Ri'Shieth after his parents died from the Knahaten Flu. He helped raise the young Khajiit in the skills of the two handed sword  

Madesi: Madesi a Argonian has much in common with Ri'Shieth having been taken into slavery by raiders on the Argonian border.

S'Kira: A young Female Khajiit thet has been living in slavery most of her life and as a result ended upt in the mines with Ri'Shieth. She has quick fingers and is very good at sneaking around without a sound. 




If i do get ESO this will be the character I play