Republic of Tamriel
Political information
Type of government


Founding document
  • Bendu Olo
  • High Chancellor Ocato

Articles of Formation

Head of State

High Chancellor

Head of Government

High Chancellor


Imperial Legion Commander

Executive branch

High Chancellor

Legislative branch

Elder Council

Judicial branch

Elder Courts

Societal information

Imperial City

Official language




State religious body

Nine Divines

Historical information
Date of establishment

4E 1

Date of dissolution

4E 15



The Republic of Tamriel was the main government that succeeded the Empire of the Septims. The Septim Empire fought to save all of Tamriel from the daedric hordes of Mehrunes Dagon. It won, but not without a sacrifice. The last Emperor was dead. However, Cyrodiil was not left unruled. In 4E Bendu Olo was made Champion of Cyrodiil by High Chancellor Ocato. The government became a republic with Bendu Olo, and High Chancellor Ocato. After their deaths the government passed into the hands of the Elder Council. At the beginning of the Fourth Era, the Republic of Tamriel began to recreate its armies, and began to rebuild Kvatch and all other cities in Tamriel that had been damaged or destroyed. Once again it rose supreme, until the War of Succession, where it was severely defeated and eventually destroyed.

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