Name: Relken


Age: unkown, most likely 35+

Occupations:soldier,scout,mercenary,thief,Teacher,drill instructor,and military Historian

Family life: relken never discusses his family but his wood elf friend from the Great war always said "they were funny fellows". He never talks about it for unkown reasons but whe asked about his family he just says "My friends are my family". His to friends or family are Verric the breton mage and Falborn Keiran.

Before Skyrim: Before the great war he went to a college in Cyrodili to learn about strategy, archery, and military history. He joined the the Imperial Army 4 years befor the Great War. By then he was a leader of a expert scouting squad. their squad scouted areas of question and the capital when the Aldmeri Domnion took it over. After the Great War, The Aldmeri Domnion put Relken's squad wanted for crimes like theft,murder of civilians,arson, and espianoge. It was unkown but 578 people where hunted and killed for being a importance in the the war. Relken and Falborn went to Black Marsh to hide from the Aldmeri Dominion. The problem was Black Marsh if full of horrible deseases that argonians and some other races are more resistant to the illneses there. relken was infected with over 73 deseases while being in Black Marsh. The orannge and green eyes explain one of the deseases and the scarring on his face was a ritual to cure another illness. Falborn leaves and tell Relkesn to meet him in Solitude when he can. And his fate progresses.......

During Skyrim: He fights for the Empire. After that he is told to attempt to assasinate the Aldmeri Dominions's counsil and leaders. He takes up this plan and recruits all of the best warriors he has available. He recruits Verric the vampire Breton mage, Falborn Keiran the bowman, Marcurio the sassy mage, cosnach Verric's brother, and a Redguard warrior named Osama (thats my friend's name...dont need to explain further).

skills:archer,sneak thief,swordsman,teacher,smither, and alchemist

personality:quiet,calm,collected,tactical,intelegent,fast, and honor-minded

likes:reading,imperial army,alchemy,mage(dosent get it much but likes it),potions,werewolves, and vampires

dislikes:racists,Aldmeri Dominion,religous obbsesed people,Dadrea other than Hircine

created by Relken, himself!