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Raven Meridius Vladmirius
Physical and Magical qualities

Average height

5"7 1.70 cm

Average weights

113 lbs

Average lifespan


Skin color

Normal white if well-fed, deathly pale if blood-starved

Eye color

Yellow. Orange and red if blood-starved

Racial abilities


Racial powers

Heightened senses; vision, hearing, scent. Vampiric powers

Distinctive features

Vampire Lord

Cultural and Historical characteristics


Basic Cyrodiilic, Ancient Cyrodiilic.

Skill bonuses

The Warrior



Cultural characteristics


Religious beliefs

Molag Bal and CLavicus Vile


Order Vampyrum, Imperial High Council


Birth & History Edit

Personality Edit

"She's quite the attractive woman...if you manage to go beyond the manipulative, power-hungry infant devourer."

Raven 3

When a younger child, Raven was a small girl with straight black hair. As she matured by Bal's ritualistic power, she grew into an athletically built, strong woman of tall height. She bore long, lustrous black hair and eyes that were red as blood and yellow as liquid fire from her vampirism. She was often considered by those whom she came across as unnaturally beautiful, and she was fully conscious of her appearance.

Because of the anonymity required by the Order, however, Raven carefully planned her life to make herself inconspicuous when necessary. Despite this, she often exploited full use of her appearance, taking advantage of her looks to support her when extracting information from other individuals.

With time, Raven developed in cunning and manipulation, and Aluc Ardius became impressed with her deceitful and calculating nature. Nonetheless, Raven was considered no more than an heir to his legacy and one of the Order's saviors. While living in the Imperial City, Raven was often friendly to the mortals with whom she encountered. She also made use of bribes, as such attitudes would allow her to acquire most of the things she needed without drawing unwanted attention.

During her early years, she displayed a hunger for knowledge and power, spending hours upon hours on her library in her father's castle. If she was not studying, she was learning aggressive styles of sword combat, and martial arts employed by her father, who learned them in his time as a human in Elsweyr. Though she drilled herself to perfection of the mind and body, she also learned to control her emotions. She even came to experience a romantic relationship with a woman named Maela, who happened to be a necromancer being manipulated by her.

Before she was sent to society, Raven knew how vampires around Tamriel were vilified and considered "abominations" by the mortals. She staunchly believed, however, that vampires were not evil, and were beyond common morality as they were predators. Additionally to her mindset on that concept, she considered herself the embodiement of vampirism, as she carries the purity of her bloodline.

While rising to prominance in the 3E 153, Raven became increasingly treacherous, betraying and killing numerous people who placed their trust in her. Ever since her yonger years at the tutelage of Aluc Ardius, Raven's main goal was nothing less than grasping power. In her personal goal and by vampiric nature, she afforded to be eternally patient, incredibly intelligent, and an oustanding actress, able to adopt a façade of a normal and trustworthy politician and noblewoman for a stupendous number of years. Her lack of a relationship with her mother, and a life devoid of a maternal figure had shaped her into a cold and calculating vampire.

As both politician and Court Mage, she appeared as an unpretentious, giggling young woman, almost sisterly, with elegant attires. With her heart-warming demeanor, symbolic smile, and a unblemished reputation for being a humble and modest woman, she captured the hearts of many people in Cyrodiil, thus concealing her true motives behind the perfect masquerade. Her actions as a loving woman and a kind noble served only to shadow her true persona, that of a vampire of the Order. Raven was a manipulative, deceitful and seductive megalomaniac, using people and subtely bending them to her whims.

Raven had a particular obsession with purity and youth. Even though she was unable to age physically, she often chose to feed on newborn infants and children and virgins as well, believing a pureblooded vampire occasionally were better fed if their nutrition was pure.

Raven Meridius

Swordmastery Edit

Despite her common appearance, Raven was incredibly skilled in fencing and sword combat, a truly talented duelist. A vampire swordmaster, she learned to use any type of one-handed sword to utilize in combat. A master of many techniques in combat and stances, Raven lured her opponents in, curbing her true capabilities, and then delivering a fatal blow when her foes imagined they had an advantage. When fighting at her fourth stage, the pureblooded Raven was a terrifying adversary. Raven had a superbly aggressive dueling style and augmented her abilities by using her vampirism, which allowed her to defeat experienced mortal warriors and even mages.

Her unorthodox styles of dual wielding allowed her to defend herself against opponents with little effort, only moving into offensive attacks when her enemy was either weakened or too frustrated. Raven mastered her art of the sword a degree that her attacks became a matter of instinct, thus allowing her to use her vampiric abilities to further augment her honed skills.

Raven Attacked

Vampire Powers and Blood Magic Edit

As a vampire of the Order, Raven mastered her natural affinity for Blood magic and became an accomplished sorceress. She studied the doctrines of the Order and perfected her abilities, both supernatural and mundane; seducing people with a touch and a stare, driving people into a fatal state of insanity and despair by displaying to them their greatest fears, or simply unleashing lightning and fire attacks.

■Vampire's Seduction: Raven can seduce her victims into a trance-like state and hypnotize them with her eyes. If their willpower is not strong enough, she can send them out to do her bidding by enthralling them. It can be noted she feeds on her victims by using this power whenever she diets from blood for two days.

■Reign of Terror: Aside from mundane use of illusion spell, Cyrodiilic vampires possessed the ability to form hallucinations within the minds of individuals by summoning their worst fears and silencing them, thus making them unable to use magic. Raven often used this when fighting against mages or necromancers, and her potent use of the power was able to drive a person near death, depending on the images she inflicted. A victim was able to survive if they had strength of will, though if not, the individual would descend into madness. Once Raven made her love claw her eyes out using this power in the Third Era.

■Embrace of Shadows: The vampiric power involved the manipulation of light and sound to render the caster invisible to the naked eye. Raven seldom used this, as she was well-fed on the constant basis, though times of chaos would pave the way for the use of this ability. Raven used Embrace of Shadows when escaping the carnage the Dark Brotherhood unleashed against the Crimson Scars, and when battling a group of necromancers.