Rahja'Beli was a Dro'syl member of Tythung who was a famous assassin during the fourth era.

Early lifeEdit

She was raised from birth by Khajiit merchants and moved from place to place and fell into the hands of Imperial slavers. An Imperial smuggler who was trained her in the art of smuggling purchased her. Realizing her talents, he exploited her abilities and made himself rich. Her hatred for her master only grew over the years, which led to her finally killing him and freeing herself. She eventually joined a secret order known as the Dark Brotherhood.

The great assassinEdit

She eventually became more and more infamous and became known as the "Mistress of Shadows". This caught the eyes of the most powerful criminal organization of the Fourth Era and she was asked to join. Upon her joining, she was put through a test in which she was told to kill a General in the Lilmothian Empire. She infiltrated their ranks and became close enough to take him out, which would earn her the right to join them.

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