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“I was once a Man, who changed the world, who ended oppression. I am Raenor, The Lord Of Rebellion.”

Raenor, Born Logrun Raven-Heart, is the Daedric Prince of Rebellion, Confirmation & Acceptance. His sphere spans from pirated mutinies to full held Rebellions against Kings. As a mortal, Logrun started an uprising against the Tsaesci on Akavir, where he lived. He helped the Akaviri people defeat the Tsaesci and take over, before returning to his homeland of Atmora. He was one of the 500 Companions that crossed with Ysgramor, and was in charge of burning down several holds belonging to the Falmer. The Daedra were pleased with his actions, particularly Boethiah, whom he secretly worshipped. After his death at the end of The Merethic Era, he joined Boethiah in her realm and eventually ascended to the title of Daedric Lord. He persuaded Boethiah to initiate Apotheosis on Trinimac and became firm friends with Malacath.

Mortal Life - Younger DaysEdit

Raenor was born as a male Nede named Logrun Raven-Heart. As a young child, he had dreams of discovering new lands and exploring new places. At the age of 12, both his parents were killed in war. He gained a vision from the Daedric Lord Boethiah, who said that she had the souls of his parents, he was plagued by a different vision each night, showing his parents in a dark castle seemingly on a hill. When he finally reached the age of 19, Boethiah appeared to him as a spirit and told him of a southern land named Akavir. His grandfather, and only living relative at this point made a prophecy, stating that if he could overthrow the dictator of Akavir he would reach apotheosis and beome a Daedric Prince. His grandfather passed away several days later and Boethiah appeared once more. They made a pact which would allow Logrun to become a 'Son Of Boethiah'. Thus allowing him to have partial control over some of Boethiah's realm, in return Boethiah wanted the death of the Arch-Potentate in Akavir. He gathered an army of 1000 men and sailed to Akavir. After losing several ships they finally arrived in the northern lands, where they had to fight back several dragons until they found a city. They were directed to the Tsaesci Capital to the south, where Logrun built a large camp just outside the walls. Having seen the army, the Arch-Potentate sent soldiers to investigate, and thus began the first battle of the War Of Akavir's Elk.

Mortal Life - War Of Akavir's ElkEdit


Raenor Captured By Akavir.

The first battle was a loss, the Tsaesci men were in ten thousands, no more was expected from such a driving force. At the loss of only two men, they retreated to a much smaller, yet still important city in the north. They entered the Potentate's Palace in this small city, which was called Tramauzvitch. After a few blows to the neck and a short battle with the few town guards, the Nedic forces were in charge, renaming it 'New Alcaire'. After several long, hard fought battles, the Nedes had most of the North on their side. They had moved their base to the biggest city they had captured, Venoth. People came to join the rebel force by the dozen, even some Tsasesci turned up! But then came the toughest battle of them all, even harder than the final battle itself, The Battle Of Armghtz Coin. Armghtz Coin was an old Dwemer ruin that had been used as a barracks, until the arrival of the Lemerick, the Arch-Potentate's own personal assassins. Clashing of steel and metal went on for days, More men arrived from each side weekly, until eventually, everyone gave up. Both leaders collapsed in both pain and fatigue. And they called a truce. The assassins hatched a plan with the Nedic forces, and also made a pact that allowed them to continue their exsistence, even after the end of the war. The plan was simple, the Assassins would return to the Capital stating they had won the war as Logrun was dead. Then, the leader would ask for personal time with the Arch potentate, taking him off to a small sound proof room to the east. The 'Survivors' of the Nedic army would've been 'Caught' by the assassins and put in cells in the dungeons, then, as the leader left the room, the nedic army would be released, taking the castle and the assassin would stab the Arch-Potentate. The plan began easily, however the assassins didnt quite get what they bargained for when they were told they were to be disbanded now the war was over. A quick handed decision saw the death of the Arch-Potentate straight away and also the death of the entire assassin group. The war had ended, but not how Logrun had wanted it. A full burial was made for all the assassins, when wandered in the town healer. After several long hours of healing, the leader had been revived. Logrun made him the new Leader, The Emperor Of Akavir, and Logrun was given the title of 'Hmzaol' which was akavir for 'The Wise Elk Of Akavir'.

Mortal Life - The 500 CompanionsEdit

Upon his return to Atmora, he was welcomed with the infamous civil war. He met with a childhood friend, Ysgramor. He told Logrun that he had found a new land, far from the strife of war. After meticulously planning for months on end, the two gathered 500 of the greatest warriors they could find, and sailed to Mereth. They then began building the great city of Saarthal, which did not end well. After just weeks of completing the great home-city of Tamrielic Man, came the Falmer, who slaughtered anyone they could find. Years were spent fighting back the Snow Elves until they were forced into a pact with the Dwemer. Logrun heard of a Sanctuary of the Snow Elf God, Auri-El which he cast himself unto and with the help of the now deformed Falmer race, destroyed the great sanctuary. Finding the Arch-Curate, he made a decision. Having captured a caravan of vampires on the way, he left 5 vampires in Forgotten Vale with the Arch-Curate. This would leave the last Snow Elf in eternal pain, that he was the last of his race and could never die...

Mortal Life - FateEdit

After years of struggle against the Falmer, Logrun retired to the position of Jarl Of Winterhold. People were mourning the loss of Ysgramor, as his son Yngol took the throne. Several years later, he received a vision from the Lordess Boethiah, reminding him of the early prophecy his grandfather had made. A tenacious grin drew across Logrun's face. He knew now, as death embraced him, he was to rule his own land, where he made the rules...

Daedric Life - The BeginningEdit

Logrun awoke in a blank nothingness. In the distance, he could see a cell. Running up to him revealed the cell to contain his late family. He merely had to touch the brutally locked door to open it, and he began building his new land. He decided it to be called 'Venora' which was Falmer for 'Kingsland'. He built a great green hill, blossoming in the newborn twilight, he filled the hill with trees and vegetation, building a great surface of life. He now formed a castle, tall and almost bleakly coloured, a dark sand tint. Inside he built Statues of Kings, great mead halls and never ending corridors. Then he built gargantuan statues, not like those he had built in the halls. They were the size of a hundred men, and sparkled through a great skylight that beamed down on each one. The first he built was Ysgramor, his best friend and the one who rebelled against the Snow Elves. From the darkness appeared the man himself, he bowed and accepted an invitation to join Logrun's newly made haven. More and more rebellious lords and men joined the great land, it had become some what of a Sovngarde. Once the great castle had been built, he created 3 Aspects. Raen, The Mortal Aspect, who appeared to mortals on Nirn. Kaemen, The Creation Aspect, who built towers, spires and great statues around the new land. And finally, Logrun, The Immortal Aspect, who would spend Eternity wandering the new land, speaking to those who had come here. He injected his soul into Logrun, who looked almost exactly as his mortal self, choosing to live life with the great men, as it should be. Next, Raenor went outside of his castle, and saw his large grassy plain. It became a whirling road of stone and grass that became known as 'Pilgrims Path'. He named the Castle, Chariot's Door. And finally, he built a huge spiring labyrinth that extended from the ground, it shifted and twisted at every moment. He decided this would be his test, the entry to his realm, and the qualification to enter Chariot's door. He placed deer and bears amongst other animals along the path, not only for the Pilgrim's but also for those inside the Castle who wished to hunt and fight again. And his work was done. His plane was made, his livelyhood created. At once, an aspect of Boethiah appeared, and told him of her pride. She named Logrun, Raenor, The Daedric Lord Of Rebellion, Confirmation & Acceptance.