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Throughout history people have fought, begged, borrowed and stolen just to get an audience with the gods. How far will people go to reach divinity?

Chapter 1 - The First EraEdit


The sounds of battle were now far behind as the sun faded into a red twilight. A lone figure emerged from the tree line carrying what looked to be a sack, with an object of dangerous potential inside. The figure was a man, a Nord in fact, wearing a battered steel breastplate and carrying a short sword at his side. What remained of the sunlight showed his features to be dirty and scarred despite being at a young age. His mouth was set in a straight hard line, his eyes were brown with ragged eyebrows and his nose was small and out of place. His name was Thonnir and his objective was simple, take the object he had as far away as possible from this place and hide it. The object that required so much attention was a gem that contained the late lord Krapheon’s soul; a cruel lord that had sought to achieve divinity and was cruel on his subjects. The common folk rebelled against him under Akalen and he was killed, but his soul remained. Akalen entrusted Thonnir with the gem to take as far away from this place as possible, a task that Thonnir needed to complete. Thonnir turned southward and started a journey that may take his life.


Alexandar walked the cobblestone path briskly, trudging his wooden cart of curios and coin behind him. He was a seemingly average Nord man, one that you could read the life story from with one glance: the blotches of dirt on his skin and his ragged clothes told the story of how he was a middle-classed merchant that had spent weeks on end living off of the land, his thin but muscular build reflected his lifestyle. He was not quite an adventurer, nor quite the common settler, but a merchant. If anyone had any reason to care enough to ask him about himself, they'd best have been prepared to have the topic of conversation switched to what they could do with Ysgramor's supposed eating utensils and a wooden mask that had supposedly once belonged to the great Dragon Priest Miraak. His speech was something of legend, constantly forcing him to move his merchant business to settlements where he had not already made a name for himself.

Alexandar squinted as he looked into the distance. In the distance, he could make out the faint shimmer of what appeared to be a warrior clad in steel armor. Alexandar sighed. Whether the figure up ahead was a rouge bandit or a lone adventure didn't concern him at this point, as he figured that he'd be risking it if he approached to make a sale. It was so much easier to pray on regular townsfolk, after all. Before he could turn away however, a glimmer of light caught his eye. Something shiny. Perhaps coin or a rare gem. This was an opportunity that he simply couldn't pass up. the Dovahkiin (PikapiChatWhat's up) 01:27, December 29, 2012 (UTC)


Alexandar approached the man pulling his cart along with him. As he walked closer he began to see that the man had been through a lot. His armor was scrapped and bent with dried blood sticking to the wounds, his eyes were downcast looking at the ground below and he looked very fatigued. As soon as the armor clad man looked up to see Alexandar he fell with a dull thud sending a bronze gem rolling towards Alexandar’s feet. The gem pulsed in light and called out to Alexandar in strange voices who then slowly picked it up. As he looked at the gem with interest, wisps of strange magic curled down his arms, seeping into his skin. He then felt another presence in his mind slowly seeping through his thoughts, memories and ideas.

“Don’t” came a choked weak voice from the ground

The strange presence in Alexandars mind dissipated in an instant as he looked down at the wounded man before him. He put the stone in his cart ponding at what just occurred as he then lifted the wounded man onto his cart. There was a village nearby he knew, there he would get some answers from this man Master Shadow Warrior (Talk) (Contrib) 00:22, December 30, 2012 (UTC)


Alexandar wasn't able to identify the the settlement up ahead at a glace. He had been scouring the woods of Falkreath for a while now without a map, lost his path many times along the way, and already stumbled into a few settlements where he had pulled his merchant routine. In the instance that he had already made an impression in this town that he was on the outskirts of, he planned to stay weary of its townsfolk, at least until he could confirm that its denizens were ripe for making profitable deals from.

Unfortunately for him, a Nord warrior, evidently fresh out of a battle, passed out before him just moments ago. He had already hauled the man into his cart. The man was bruised and battered from blunt trauma, and though he couldn't tell with absolute certainty, he looked as though he could be sustaining broken bones. Clearly, he was in need of an extensive amount of healing.

Alexandar was almost tempted to loot him of his valuables, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it, feeling as though it was necessary to maintain the moral distinction between an artful merchant and a lowly thief. Once he had exhausted himself of possible alternatives, he reluctantly decided to head into town to see the warrior healed. It wasn't all bad for him, though. When the warrior had collapsed, h dropped a large, black soul gem unlike anything that he had seen the likes of in his adventures so far. He wanted to keep it for himself, but before the warrior went out cold, he barely audibly choked for him not to run off with it.

When he discovered that he had just concocted a clever scheme, he couldn't help but to grimace. Clearly the gem was a prized possession to this warrior. Now if he was to save him, he would surely give Alexandar some form of compensation. Wether or not the warrior he would be grateful enough to tell Alexandar the very story behind the gem and offer it to him for him to make a profit from later he wasn't sure, but Alexandar would at least be able to guilt the man into accompanying him on some of his adventures. Now that he thought of it, a skilled fighter was just the sort of ally that he could use. Because Alexandar was so good at making enemies, he marveled the idea of for once having a loyal bodyguard to raise his sword in his name and to which would owe his life to him. Not to mention that he always desired the brotherly support of a companion.

With this in mind, Alexandar did not hesitate to roll his cart into the settlement in the distance. By the time he reached his destination, the sun had fallen behind the mountains and the night was falling. Apparently, it was a calm town that he had not yet visited in his travels, a place labelled Oakwood on a fallen sign hidden in the brush. The city was dim, and lit with torches which were to far spaced to provide any decent visibility. With only a few scattered homes and a tavern in sight, Alexandar lugged his cart over to the wooden porch of the tavern, and hurried inside. The tavern was barren, except for a few chairs and the elongated stone fire pit in the center in the approved Nord fashion. As he stepped forward, a young barmaid looked up from the floor she was sweeping. She responded to him silently with a warm smile, and then without a word she scurried up the stairs and ran into what appeared to be a bedroom, which Alexandar could barely make out over the railing. Clearly, they didn't receive much company, much less travelers. Eager to explain his predicament to someone who could help, Alexandar took a seat and was prepared to wait patiently. He'd order two ales, one infused with a healing potion for his friend sleeping in the back of his wagon outside, when the staff were ready. For the first time in ages, Alexandar felt warm and charitable. the Dovahkiin (PikapiChatWhat's up) 23:05, January 3, 2013 (UTC)\


Thonnir awoke, with his head throbbing and blurry eyes and became dimly aware of where he was. No longer was it day as he remembered but night, in a town he did not recall himself to be in. Someone must of picked him off the road, but trying to remember who only made his head throb further. He tried to move his arm in an effort to pick himself up from the wagon he was in, but his arm protested with a sharp pain. Thonnir grunted with the realization that it was broken and then panicked as he remembered the gem. He moved his good arm into the curious mix of items that accompanied him in the cart, searching for the gem. His hand then found the sack he carried and cursed as the gem was not there. With some effort Thonnir moved his head up to the building that the cart was parked in front of, a tavern. The person who owned the cart and had the gem must be in there. With all his strength and effort Thonnir picked himself up and limped to the tavern now knowing that a least three of his ribs were broken or bruised.

Inside Thonnir was greeted by a warm rush of air and a barmaid that looked like she had seen a corpse. Thonnir couldn’t help but smile but a sharp pain in his arm turned it into a frown that sent the barmaid running. The running barmaid attracted the attention of the only customer in the tavern, a Nord by the look of him, a surprised one. ‘That’s the man’ Thonnir thought as he limped closer to the man who was obviously surprised with his arrival.

“The gem” Thonnir choked as he accidentally moved his broken arm

The surprise on the man’s face disappeared in an instant.

“Drink this” he said passing him an ale.

Thonnir took a long draught feeling his arm and ribs heal, but not completely.

“How did you?” asked the Nord gesturing at his scars and broken arm

Thonnir thought back as his head no longer throbbed with pain.  The image’s he remembered were of one of lord Krapheon’s surviving soldiers hitting him with a club for the gem before Thonnir gutted him with his good arm.

“Bandits” he lied Master Shadow Warrior (Talk) (Contrib) 03:25, January 6, 2013 (UTC)


"Bandits." Alexandar replied, matter-of-factly, before pausing to take a sip of his own beverage. "They are quite common around these parts. That'll make you feel better." he continued, pointing to the warrior's ale. "I had them mix in a fresh health potion."

Thonnir was halfway through a large gulp, when he stopped to see if he could pick up the familiar, bitter taste of a magic potion. The thought of bug wings or whatever it was that these shops had alchemists grind up into a barely-stomachable substance made him want to gag. Now that he had thought of it, he realized that he couldn't get the taste of the potion out of his mind, nor could he help but to cringe as he finished his drink.

"I never did catch your name." Thonnir replied, with a hint of cynical anger in his voice. Having come fresh out of battle, he hadn't anticipated such hospitality from the scrawny-looking Nord who apparently took it upon himself to aid him back to health. The potion took almost immediate effect, numbing the pain in his chest.

"Alexandar, I'm a merchant by trade, I live around these parts. And you are?" the Dovahkiin (PikapiChatWhat's up) 20:52, January 7, 2013 (UTC)


Thonnir took another gulp of his Ale mixed with healing liquid and couldn’t help cringe again before he slammed it on the wooden table.

“Thonnir” he replied “A soldier from up north”

A flicker of interest passed over Alexandars face telling Thonnir he had obviously heard of the rebellion.

“Now where’s the gem?”

The interest on Alexandar’s face turned into frown almost immediately, and he looked like he was choosing his next word carfully.

“I will give you the gem…if you tell me of it and what it is” He said slowly

Thonnir scowled, he knew the merchant wouldn’t give any ground as he would haggling for a good price. His morality also prevented him from harming the scrawny Nord to take the gem from him by force. Reluctantly he sat down ignoring the sharp pain from his ribs and taking a long drought of the ale, begging his story.

“I lived up north where lord Krapheon’s kingdom once was as one of the common folk of the land. Life there…was hard; the Ahrien Kitai, commanders of Krapheons army were ruthless without mercy or pity as Krapheon himself. We the common folk finally had enough, and under the leadership of an escaped slave, Akalen, we fought for freedom. The war had lasted for a few years until a few days ago when we finally stormed Krapheons castle only to find Krapheon not there and in his place a gem. One of our mages studied the gem and confirmed Lord Krapheon’s soul was inside before he died. Akalen then gave me the gem to take it as far away from there as possible, as Krapheon may of achieved his goal…attaining godhood for himself. I obeyed and now I am here. Now by Ysgramor if you don’t give me the gem or keep quiet about this I will smash all of your wares so help me Shor!” Master Shadow Warrior (Talk) (Contrib) 06:52, January 8, 2013 (UTC)     


Alexandar took one last look at the gem, admiring the odd, but brilliant black cloud that seemed to swirl about the inside, unlike what you'd expect from a crystalline solid, or perhaps it was just a distortion from the way he was holding it. In his business ventures so far, he had rarely come into contact with soul gems, and when he had, they were often times fakes. Reluctantly, he lowered his gaze and nonchalantly tossed the gem over to Thonnir, who unprepared, scrambled his hands into the air to catch the gem. The audacity of the man.

"Careful!" Thonnir grunted, having secured the falling gem in mid-arc.

Alexandar was quiet for a moment, contemplating the fanciful tale he had just heard. Of course, if Thonnir was only lying (which Alexandar decidedly would have been fine with, by the way), he probably wouldn't be so stubborn about keeping it on him.

"Do you have anyplace in mind?" Alexandar asked. He wanted to think of himself as all-business, but he couldn't turn down to opportunity to embark on a potential adventure. Alexandar asked, because he knew that it wasn't unusual for some rouges to take up occupancy in old Atmoran tombs, or to hide their own personal wealth in their catacombs. Of course, they had to be prepared to take care of any undead beforehand. Alexandar's mind started to wander and he almost forgot that he had asked a question.

"Why should I tell you?" Thonnir replied, slightly more aggravated at Alexandar's persistence. "How do I know that you can even hold your ground in a fight?" he continued, as though he was placing a dare. The barmaid looked up from the counter that she was clearing, though it was impossible to tell whether she was preparing to arbitrate the almost inevitable dispute, or perhaps she was had gone a while without seeing and action and was just eager to watch. Alexandar was familiar with the accepted Nord fist-fighting routine, but he was never really hotheaded enough to comply by choice.

"You should probably get some rest, I know that I will. But if you still want to test my skill with a sword tomorrow, I'd be fine with that." Alexandar replied.

"Actually," the inkeeper woman chimed in, eager to make a sale. "We have a few vacant rooms to lend either of you for the night. Something tells me that neither of you are from around here."

"Yep, that's exactly what I had in mind." Alexandar replied, standing up from his seat. "I'll see you in the morning, friend." Alexandar addressed Thonnir.

Alexandar pulled a small bag of coins from his pocket and handed it to the innkeeper. "Lead the way." the Dovahkiin (PikapiChatWhat's up) 02:57, January 10, 2013 (UTC)


Thonnir could barely sleep that night, those hours lying in the wagon left him stiff and sore. He finally gave up trying and went outside to greet the early morning air. The wind was cold, and the sky was a dark grey shrouding all signs of the stars. Thonnir stretched, realizing that the healing potion had done him wonders and that his wounds no longer hurt.

Reassuring himself that he still had the gem, Thonnir turned his mind elsewhere contemplating whether or not to let that scrawny nord Alexandar come with him to dispose of the gem. He didn’t trust him one bit, and even if he did he was not sure how Alexandar would hold up in a fight against armed bandits or worse, the Ahrien Kitai. But then, Thonnir thought he would need all the help he could get even if this was all the gods had to offer. Shaking all of these thoughts out of his head, he decided he would have to test Alexandar in combat to see what he could do.   Master Shadow Warrior (Talk) (Contrib) 06:53, January 12, 2013 (UTC) 


The sun glared intently on the scene where the fight would be held. Squinting, Alexandar picked a sword from the weapon rack behind the Inn. Who's genius idea was it to put a weapon's rack behind the Inn? Either way, it didn't matter now. He was about to test his skill against a war-hardened Nord. An idea that seemed much more okay with him until he woke up feeling drowsy and was hit with the morning logic that he might get beat-up before he even got the chance to embark on his adventure... and for a gem that he still knew next to nothing about.

Thonnir was already on the other side of the field, with his sword and shield in hand. The ceremony for this type of challenge was relatively simple, without a word or warning, Thonnir stepped forward.

Alexandar, who was not used to lugging so much armor on his back, barely managed to evade the powerful lunge. Without having much time to react, Alexandar jerked his sword forward into Thonnir's Steel plate armor, and it bounced back without any real effect. the Dovahkiin (PikapiChatWhat's up) 01:35, March 7, 2013 (UTC)


Thonnir jumped back to evade another blow made by Alexandar, only just dodging it in time. Likewise with Alexandar he was not in shape, his lack of sleep left him weary and his joints were still stiff. Putting this weariness out of his mind Thonnir went for another attack on the small Nord who only just slanted the blow away. ‘He must not be used to all that armor’ thought Thonnir ‘Maybe I can use that to my advantage’ Flicking up his sword Thonnir went in for another attack, swinging wildly at the scrawny Nord before him changing his direction of attack only at the last second. Surprisingly Alexander managed to shrug them off but the effort was showing, as beads of sweat fell from his forehead. Thonnir pushed the advantage battering blows on Alexander hitting him a few time’s with softened blows making the sound of metal on metal ring across the area.

It seemed that their sparring had attracted the attention of what few people lived in the town, as now a small crowd was gathering around them. ‘These people must not get much excitement from around here’ thought Thonnir as he observed a few of the people passing along bets to one and other. Master Shadow Warrior (Talk) (Contrib) 05:49, March 7, 2013 (UTC)     

Chapter 2 - The Second EraEdit

Larvak stared through his substantially large goggles into the sunlight, twisting and turning knobs as he did so. He was small, even for a dwarf but yet he was still considered one of the greatest minds of all the Dwemer. Well, of all the remaining Dwemer anyways. He sighed a little before lifting his cup of mushroom soup to his parched lips. He continued to turn the knobs until... CLUNK!

Chapter 3 - The Third EraEdit

Chapter 4 - The Fourth EraEdit

Chapter 5 - The Fifth EraEdit

Chapter 6 - EndingEdit

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