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Chapter 1: A Surprise to Remember...and a War to StartEdit

Its been a month since Qourmtu defeated Alduin. On his way to Lakeview Manor, his house in progress, he notices something in the bushes. Grabbing his blades, Bloodflame and Thunderflame, he shouted without fear in the quiet forest.

"Who's there? I do not wish to attack but I will stand my ground!",he exclaimed.

Silence. So he asked once more who was there.Then again. Then again. And after being so frustrated for not having an answer he shouted, " LAAS YAH NIR ". 

To his Dovah blood eye, fifty auras appeared and the all had bows aimed for him. But this did not concern him. What concerned him was the fact that,when they showed themselves, they were men with the bodies of elk but the walk and speech of mere men. Standing over the astonished Redguard , they spoke in to him in his tongue of english  "Hello Dovahkiin. We have watched you for sometime whenever you ran into our forests."

Qourmtu looked at him and asked," In the name of Talos,what are you and who are you?"

The elk-man looked at him and said " I am Tohgretosvelamal and these are my people Xaeiasi. But in your tongue we are the Elk-Men. We are the true and ancient Falkreath natives who have been lost to history. We seek to reclaim our home but we have been trying to do so for generations."

Qourmtu looked at Tohgretosvelamal and smiled. He remembered the similar cause he had  helped with Ulfric and the even more recent one with Madanach. He stayed for awhile and talked to the Xaeiasi people about their past and learning their language. In those short hours he knew that he should help the Elk-Men of Falkreath in a noble and valiant cause. There was just the one problem...

Chapter 2: The Other ClansEdit

After several hours amongst the Xaeiasi people, Qourmtu was told how they knew him and why they watched him. His father was Galvis Septim the Distant better known as Ara-Ges,the Daedric Prince of Arrogance,Denial,and Desperation who instructed them to watch over his Daedric/Redgaurd/Nord son. Qourmtu was taken aback but there were was more important matters ahead. Tohgretosvelamal was the head of the Geris'hadae tribe. He told of the other tribes who may be able to help them take back Falkreath.

Qourmtu thought about what to do. He knew that to take back Falkreath Hold for the Xaeiasi, they would need an army to capture and hold Falkreath. He went to Tohgretosvelamal and asked, " Where can I find the other tribes. Will they even take back Falkreath with us. Are they even Elk-Men?"

"We are the only Elk-Men in Skyrim for the rest were either killed or are back in Valenwood. We can talk to the Geris'fejet which are the goat like men of the Rift that wish to take back some of their homes as well. Then there are the  Geris'zeheas tribe which are the horse men of Whiterun Hold", the elkmen chief stated.

With that note said, Qourmtu rode towards the forests of the Rift to unite the Geris'fejet. Riding to the middle of the forests he was stopped by a loud goat noise. As goat men half is size in a large a group drew their stone enforced blades on him. " Tasa I awre mekota tiul anteik", the goat leader said to him. He understood it meant what did he want for it was in the language of the Beasts. He explained that he wanted to unite them with the Xaeiasi people to take back their home. The Treadu,as they were called, agreed to if they could take back their home of the Rift and had a task set for Qourmtu.

Chapter 3:JuldrundovEdit

As with every other person in Skyrim, the Treadu people had asked for Qourmtu to take on a task. The task ( no real surprise) was to clear out a fort however they forgot one major detail...

" Talos,why have you forsaken me! And father, your a Daedric Prince. A powerful one at that! Why can't you help me for once in the last seven centuries." On that note, there was a dragon occupying the fort tower of Autumnwatch. Not just any dragon either, because so long ago ,long before Qourmtu was known as Nerevar, a man by the name of Lord Khaja-dum threatened Qourmtu and the young man then changed the arrogant lord into a dragon using a spell created by Julianos that his father and Nocturnal stole. What Qourmtu neglected centuries ago, was that dov were immortal and could remember a grudge for years.

Khaja-dum, now Juldrundov literally "Man Brought Dragonkind", turned towards Qourmtu and greeted him with an eerie sense of peace. " Drem Yol Lok, Dovahkiin! I have had centuries to think about your spell you have placed on me." Qourmtu sheathed one of his blades and asked " Khaja-dum will you leave this place? Its a long story to begin with on why you need to leave."

Juldrundov laughed. Qourmtu stood there puzzled ,much like a troll to a rabbit, on what to do. After a while Juldrundov and Qourmtu worked out an agreement to change Khaja-dum back to a man and he would leave. As easy as that problem was asked to solve, was as easy to go back to the Treadu to let them know of his deed.

Chapter 4: In Other Places...and the Earliest mistakeEdit

Meanwhile, Jenassa,the loyal wife of Qourmtu, was on her way to the market with her children. Her and Qourmtu's biological son was Qui'nass Hada-ku, named after an Argonian and a Khajiit the Dovahkiin had met years ago. Their adopted children were Blaise and Lucia,which had grown into their late teens. Unlike their adopted brother, the Nordic teens were closer to their father than Qui'nass had been in the last seven years since they were adopted.

After leaving the market and riding the carriage back to Markarth they realized that Qourmtu had been gone longer than usual when they found the house empty. What got to them was that their housecarl and Qourmtu's best friend, Argis the Bulwark, was gone when he was there earlier. To them it was very strange indeed.

"My Thane, whats with the Elk-Men and the Goat-men? Please dont tell me you asked for a few favors from Hircine again!" Argis proclaimed when they came into the meeting hall of the Treadu. The half-blood Daedric Redgaurd looked at his taller, Nordic friend and said " No Argis. I didnt, although I did become a werewolf a week ago. These are the Treadu and Xaeiasi people. Before your fellow Nords came they lived in harmony with the Snow Elves for a time."

Well to Argis this was amazing. Smiling, the Treadu chief, Gherah'adum spoke to Tohgretosvelamal and they nodded together. " Dovahkiin it may just be time for the war to begin. Even though we do not have the Feaity people of Whiterun I feel we are ready."

" If that is what you wish then whats the first target. I have been studying the map and I believe attacking Ivarstead,Fort Neugrad,and the Falkreath Watchtowers will give us some insight to the strength and-"

Jenassa, Qui'nass Hada-ku, Blaise,Lucia and their dog, Meeko walked in. "Qourmtu you can start a war like this and for this! I forbid it",Jenassa said," unless you will allow Blaise and Qui'nass to be two commanders"

Qourmtu agreed but angrily did so for he did not want his sons caught in his affairs. And after the sleep that night 250 Xaeiasi and Treadu warriors went to a clear patch in the Pine Forest to construct a garrison.

Chapter 5: The Battle of Fort Neugrad & IvarsteadEdit

During the night, Qourmtu had melted diamond with gold to forge a new armor and weapons for the Xaeiasi and Treadu warriors. The armor was light with a diagoldium(the name Qourmtu had given his material) chestplate. The gauntlets and boots were forged of diagoldium and leather along with the tunic.

With new armor and weapons, the Beast warriors and Blaise lay in wait in the forest near Fort Neugrad. Blaise scanned the surroundings and told his archers to get into pairs of two and circle from each direction. As they did so Blaise's Treadu swordsmen sneaked to the archway on either side. They waited for the signal to ring.

A whistle sounded in the night. Arrows rained down amongst soldiers as the swordsmen charged with fury.

                                       *                             *                              *

In Ivarstead the battle had already begun. Qui'nass and 20 Beast warriors had surged through the the town striking down any opponents. Nearing his count to 5 soldiers dead by his hand. Sweating with fatigue,he casually sat down behind the inn to regain his breath wondering how his brother ,Blaise, was doing.

At 5:00 am Qui'nass men had only 2 injured. Leaving his second hand in charge,he took 8 warriors to give help at Fort Neugrad.

                                       *                                *                           *

Blaise ducked and dodged. The man he had been fighting, blade to blade, with for 3 mintutes was clever,fierce,and determined. Tired and focused he kept the man busy long enough for Haja-dak,his Treadu second hand, to line up and arrow. Just as Blaise was forced into a corner, Haja-dak shot the arrow into the soldiers back. 

Breathing hard, Blaise said " I wonder if Ivarstead was won over. It appears that we have control of Fort Neugrad so we should back to our own fort to send over a garrison." Just as he was finished talking, his brown hair flowed out of his right eye to reveal Qui'nass smiling with victory.

Chapter 6: Khaja-dum ReturnsEdit

Now 12:05 PM the 16th of Suns Dawn, the generals of the Beast men gathered in Fort Hircine (they're newly built garrison). Here they planned their next move of attack when the heard the great beating of wings.

Weapons drawn, all the generals ran to the aid of the soldiers outside when Qourmtu shouted " Stop! Hold your arrows til further notice!" Khaja-dum had landed on the ground near the fort transforming back to his mortal man form. Wearing Daedric armor, he walked to the Dragonborn with a grin. His jet black hair and goatee smooth against his fair skin, he stated " Daeint gha-zhem Kuaak meih Khaja!" Everyone confused but Qourmtu, Dovahkiin replied in the same ancient language as Khaja-dum's people." Daeint tekiaj gha-herim mae." The two men conversed in the tongue for minutes when Qourmtu anounnced Khaja-dum to be aiding them in the new war effort.

At night the lord took a handful of warriors from Fort Hircine to the northwest at Falkreath Watchtowers. There he positioned his men as a garrison then rode to Embershard Mine too take control of Falkreath's minerals. Without the Men of Falkreath knowing, half the hold belong to the Beast warriors.

Elsewhere at Treva's Watch, Qui'nass, Argis, and Gherah'adum along with 300 soldiers surrounding the area planned to march on Fort Greenwall, Tolvald's Cave, and Largashbur.