Project Accension is a community wide project on the Tesfanon wiki started by the Darth Storm. Project Accension began with the administrators, who invited others to participate and tossed around ideas revolving one central idea, the Accension War.


Main synopsis:

It's 4E 25; the Septim Empire of Cyrodiil collapses, crippled by the Oblivion Crisis, provincial uprisings, and external influences has finally fallen. The races, and people that had been held under the sway of the Cyrodilic Empires are finally beginnning to create their own destinies. Further troubled by influences from newly discovered continents, Tamriel is in the midst of the crucial early workings of a major war. Ambitious men, and women, taking advantage of the chaos are preparing for the realization of the ambitions. New nations are rising, while Tamriel is in chaos. Tamriel is in a state of total war.
In the Fourth Era, new nations and empires have arisen. The races of Tamriel have been doomed to fight amongst each other on the most prosperous continent on Nirn. Through military strength, espionage, and deceit, these new powers maintain an uneasy peace. As land and resources run short; however, several new nations find themselves looking at the rich lands of their neighbors. To further complicate matters, it seems that a new and deadly power has embarked upon a war of conquest, and the other nations of Tamriel are its target. The time for was has come....




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Behind the ScenesEdit

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