Panfear is the second continent on Nirn.


These are the regions on Panfear.


Panfear was found when Ancient Nordic ships sailed from Atmora and discovered this continent.They made their first city now as ruin Calewall in the region known as Teara Crest.


Panfear is to the east of Tamriel.


Iceloom is the northern pole connecting to Panfear.

Faro MoutainsEdit

Faro Moutains is the largest moutain range in Panfear and is located in the province of Teara Crest.It is inhabited by the endangered race of Solmer or Sun Elves.


Orcihelm is home to the Orcs that sailed from the province of Orsimer.This province is not connected to the others instead it is just west left of Teara Crest.The Orcs have a large amount of mines there to which they ship to other provinces.

Phantom SeaEdit

The Phantom Sea is just south of Panfear and famous because most exploring ships dissapear because of a legend saying a extinct race of humans sailed these waters and shoot down any ships that was'nt they'res.It is said that the ships are shoot down by the race of humans that lived there.

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