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"Why does every man from here to Akavir want to put me on a stake and burn me?"
―Oriana Gane jesting with Faralda
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  • One Handed
  • Alteration
  • Conjuration
  • Destruction
  • Enchanting
  • Restoration



4E 193

  • Arniel Gane (Father)
  • Mirabelle Ervine (Mother)
  • Shalidor (Famous Ancestor)
  • Hannibal Traven (Famous Ancestor)
  • Tolfdir (Mentor)
  • Urag gro-Shub (Guardian)
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Chronological and political information


  • Champion of Hermaeus Mora
  • Herself
  • College of Winterhold
  • Hermaeus Mora
  • Greenshade Grotto
 Oriana Gane is a female Breton battlemage native to Skyrim.  She has traveled all over Tamriel, from Alinor to Blacklight, and in those travels has learned from many extremly powerful mages.  She is extremly gifted at magic, particurally Conjuration and Enchanting.  Oriana has developed and rediscovered many unique spells, such as Summon Aetherial Sphere, Jade Dragons, as well as Vigorous Aura.  Over the years, she has become a thorn in the side of both the Thalmor and the Akaviri.


Early LifeEdit

Oriana Gane was born in 4E 193 to Mirabelle Ervine and Arniel Gane in the College of Winterhold in Skyrim.  From a young age she was trained in all of the schools of magic, mainly by Tolfdir, but also by other mages.  Both of her parents were no longer a part of her life by the time she was eight years old, and from then on, she was raised by Urag gro-Shub.  With her age, Oriana's skills in magic increased.  By the time she was fourteen, she was able to cast many adept and some expert level spells.  When Oriana was sixteen, she left Winterhold for the first time in her life in order to explore the world. 

First AdventureEdit

After leaving Winterhold, Oriana traveled to the relatively nearby city of Windhelm, which at the time was ruled by Jarl Brunwulf Free-Winter.  There was a sign for that claimed a need for workers to help excevate a ruin in northern High Rock known as the Waterlogged Spire.  Seeing some of the sketches made Oriana instantly sign up for the job. 

In less than a week, Oriana and thirty new workers were in High Rock ready to work on excevating the mysterious ruin.  While digging through the mines to get to the ruin, ogres that were trapped deep in the ruins escaped and killed many of the workers.  Oriana along with the remaining workers managed to push on and kill all of the ogres, but at a significant cost.  Including Oriana, there were only nine workers left alive, three of which that were saved from the brink of death by Oriana. 

Against better judgement, they ventured further into the ruin, which was very hard to navigate since it had been submerged since at least the early Second Era.  They navigated through the rest of the ruin, killing monsters, while two of the workers dying as a cost.  In the final room, which was an open chamber with strange crystals growing on the walls, and a strange portal at the end. 

Spire portal

The portal at the end of the Waterlogged Spire

Oriana and the other workers traveled through the portal to a strange realm, where the skies were distorted and strange glyphs littered the stonework.  Then Oriana realized that they were on a floating island.  At the other end of the minute island was an aspiration that had a staff and was shooting spells at the workers.  Oriana decided to fire spells back at the aspiration.  Fireballs and ice spikes were flying across the island.  The fight went on for hours, and at the end, Oriana was victorious.  Only Oriana and three other workers were living after the conflict.  Oriana searched the aspiration, and she took its skull, a small runed stone, and its staff.  At the end of the island was a cylindrical container, engraved with similar runes that were in the rest of the ruin.  The top of the container seemed to be of the same magic as the portal.  She stuck her hand inside the container and pulled out a sack.  The sack had a multitude of items inside, including a strange root-surrounded stone, a ring, and a multitude of other mysterious artifacts.

Oriana took the artifacts that she discovered in the strange realm and exited the mine, where a member of the College of Whispers approached her in the local inn.  The College of Whispers member told Oriana that the Cynosure in Daggerfall wished to see the artifacts that she found.  This did not surprise her because both the College of Whispers and the Synod have sought to forge an alliance with the College of Winterhold for decades.  Oriana made her way to Daggerfall to meet with members from the College of Whispers.

College of Whispers Edit

The Daggerfall Cynosure of the College of Whispers was located in an old, abandoned house according to official records, but in reality the College of Whispers true Cynosure was located in the old Outlaw's Refuge in the sewer system. Oriana and the College of Whispers mage entered into the house where he opened a magically locked door to the Cynosure. The master of the Cynosure, an Argonian named Ja-Reet, welcomed Oriana to the Cynosure and asked to see the mysterious artifacts. Oriana procured the artifacts from her pack, minus the ring, and showed them to Ja-Reet, who believed them to be Warlock artifacts. Ja-Reet told Oriana that "At the end of the Third Era, the Archaeology Guild in Cyrodiil discovered five Spires, similar to the one here in High Rock. Several of the ruins had portals to a mysterious plane seemingly not in Mundus or Oblivion that were inhabited by spectral creatures who were called Warlocks."

Ja-Reet was surprised that Oriana found a Spire in High Rock as the academic community was convinced that Spires were a phenomena confined to Cyrodiil. Ja-Reet asked for Oriana's assistance so that he could attempt a divination to determine the location of additional spires in High Rock. Oriana helped to channel Ja-Reet's energy to enhance the divination, and it worked. He discovered the location of a second spire in High Rock, which was located near the border of Hammerfell, in the inhospitable region of Bangorkai.

Ja-Reet traveled with Oriana to the second spire near Hammerfell, and they ventured inside the cavernous ruins beneath. The cave system was filled with undead, mostly Draugr, but there were also Wraiths. Ja-Reet and Oriana fought their way through the cave system to a second mysterious portal, which they went through. Upon stepping through the portal, the two mages were astounded at the perplexing beauty of the strange realm, which was not in Mundus or Oblivion.

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