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The Order of Druids was an order of historians, philosophers, magicka users, teachers, and researchers on Khloref and Rieltam. When the continents of Rieltam and Khloref were ravaged by invasions from Telus, a small number of survivors were determined to keep the knowledge of the ancient libraries safe. The result was the First Council of Rieltam, and thus was the Order of Druids born. However, the Druids, found that over the millenium after the invasions, crucial pieces of knowledge of the old sciences had been lost, and without the pieces crucial to their understanding, the Druids were unable to restore science to benefit the races. Nonetheless, many continued to study science, convinced that one day it would be used again. Unfortunately, several wars broke out and the Order was eventually destroyed, but the castle was passed down to the surviving Druids. The Order of Druids was eventually restored, with a new mandate, to gather all knowledge, and to keep the two continents from strife.


First Council of RieltamEdit

One thousand years after the invasions from Telus, a Blighter named Auel gathered learned men and women from all of the races, those who preserved the skills and knowledge of the lands before the invasions from Telus. He called them together to the Druid Keep, Dekab, in the northern regions of Highcraft to from the First Council of Rieltam, whose goal was to bring peace and order to the land. They gathered together all of the information they could on the arts, sciences, and history of Rieltam and Khloref, attempting to understand what had brought about the terrible invasions, and series of natural disasters, so that they might learn from those mistakes. As time progressed, the Order flourished and Auel's plan seemed to be working, but eventually several of the more powerful Druids of the Council came to believe that it was their destiny to shape the future of the two continents, and left Dekab to form their own group. A very powerful Druid named Storm Septimus led them. He took with him many books full of the secrets of magicka. He and his followers disappeared for some time after that, and were forgotten.

Septimian RebellionEdit

One hundred and fifty years later, the race known as the Jotun rose up and rebelled against the teachings of the Order of Druids, proclaiming that their leader's teachings would lead to a betterment of the Jotun, furthering their pride and making them the dominant race of the two continents. They were led by the ex Druid Storm Septimus. The rebellion soon widened into what became known as the Septimian Rebellion. Eventually the combined power of the Druids and the other allied races crushed the revolt, and the surviving Jotun fled north to their kingdom to lick their wounds and rebuild their lives,

Second Council of RieltamEdit

For unknown reasons, a Council of Rieltam was formed, the Second. The majority of these Druids felt that a policy of non-interference in the affairs of the continents was best, and decided to pursue their own interests, studying their histories and the old sciences. Several hundred years later, the Druid Remanus, an outcast druid who chose to study magicka instead of science, returned from decades of traveling to warn that Storm Septimus was about to return, that he was assembling an army, and that his first target would be Dekab. The Druid Council scoffed at his claims, and many of the Druids laughed at him. A small handful of them believed his words and left Dekab with him to alert the Blighter, Aensland, and the Hyaenin and to seek a way to destroy Storm Septimus, who was now calling himself the Dark Lord.

Fall of DekabEdit

Soon after Remanus left, a huge army of Ghouls emerged from the Charnal Mountains and took control of the entire northern area of Khloref, and Storm's servants laid siege to Dekab. The Druids were betrayed from within by three of their number who were won over by Storm's promises of power. They opened one of the side gates to the keep and Storm's forces swarmed in, and set about slaying the Druids, despite the best efforts of Caerid, and the Druidic Guard. The three traitors met with their master and were transformed into monsters that would stay at Dekab to await Remanus. Storm immediately began searching for the Druid Histories, the books that contained knowledge of the old world and magicka, that were hidden within the vault situated inside the library. However, Kahle, the librarian and friend of Remanus, had used a magick powder to hide the Histories before being killed, and Storm was unable to find them. He had the Druids walled away alive, but abandoned the keep because of the Druid Heart's protective magick.

War of the DeathlandsEdit

The surviving Druids, led by Remanus, began a war effort, helping the races fight back against Storm Septimus, the Dark Lord, and his army of Ghouls and Jotun. Remanus himself crept back into Dekab and recovered the Talisman of Parvanah, the talisman that granted the wearer enhanced magicka more powerful than any other's were. Later passing through the destroyed city of Ald Varius, he came across the fifteen-year-old Sulla, and befriended him, believing that he had found his successor as the leader of the Order of Druids. When the Crown of Paravanah was forged, Remanus took it to the newly crowned Blighter King Tyark Arannahs. He and the other Druids joined with Tyark Arannahs' army at the Valley of Rhen to face Storm Septimus' army. He and Sulla saved each other’s lives several times in the battle that followed. Remanus watched as Tyark Arranahs destroyed Storm Septimus' physical body, but failed to destroy his physical spirit, which fled to recover itself.

Last of the DruidsEdit

Three years later, Remanus died, leaving Sulla as his successor and last of the Druids. Reichus and Llyph Fyrd had both died during the War of the Deathlands, and Huscarl had sworn to never again use his powers. Sulla returned to Dekab and vanished from history.

Second War of the DeathlandsEdit

Five hundred years later, Storm and his minions had finally regained their former power, and with them came Sulla once more. Seeking to finish what Remanus had started, he sought out the aid of Whisperus, the most powerful Hyaenin mage and warrior. Sulla joined the quest for the Talisman of Paravanah, conversing with the spirit of Remanus at the Hadeshorn Lake. After numerous battles, including fighting a Black Dragon at Dekab, Sulla aided Whisperus as he confronted Storm Septimus. After one last conversation with Whisperus, Sulla disappears to sleep.

Oblivion CrisisEdit

When the Daedra escaped from the volcanic realm of Oblivion, Sulla reappeared to aid in the battle against them. Offering his services to the Blighter King, he set about organizing the defeat of the enemy. First, he recruited Loki, a powerful Aensland mage, and Thor Linius, a powerful Jotun Mage. Then, he gave his aid against the Daedric forces, particularly by obtaining an ancient staff known as the Staff of Sacred Wood to weaken the Daedra. Sulla battled the Daedra throughout the conflict and brought down Mehrunes Dagon. However, he gave more of himself than he intended, and aged rapidly from his use of dark magicks. After saying his goodbyes to Loki and Thor, he disappeared once more to recover.

Racial WarEdit

When Sulla once again returned, he came this time to Kyne Tarse, the most powerful Ghoulish Mage to ever live. Sulla, Kyne Tarse, and Noit Indigo traveled to the Hadeshorn where the spirit of Remanus revealed to Sulla several horrible truths, which of course he kept secret from his comrades. Almost immediately after doing so, a Jotun Magus, a servant of the Jotun King, ambushed them and only his instinct and Kyne Tarse saved Sulla. The Druid destroyed the Magus. They then traveled to Dekab to drive the Jotun Army from the Druid's Fortress. After they recaptured Dekab, and they had reached the Chard Waterfall, they were stopped by a Jachyra. Sulla faced the monster and eventually destroyed it, but he himself was mortally wounded in doing so. After naming Kyne Tarse the bearer of his charge, he was carried into the waterfall by the wraith of Remanus. With that, he disappeared and came to rest in the Hadeshorn.

Druidic AbilitiesEdit

Druidic MagickaEdit

Druidic Magicka, like most of the magicka that originates on the planet of Nirn, was elemental. It drew from the earth, air, fire, and water in various forms. Its power was enhanced or weakened by the strength of the user. Some users would find more success with talismans such as the Talisman of Paravanah or the Druid's Cowl than others would. Sometimes the magicka of a talisman or an external source links with the magicka innate in a user, causing various results. Like science, magicka was uncertain, and the results of its application were not always predictable.

Communication with Animals and NatureEdit

The Druids, as stewards of Nirn had the ability to communicate with animals such as horses and giant black bears, and other creatures. They were also the only individuals beside the Chosen Warriors that the Gold Seal would communicate with.


Every Druid had a powerful sixth sense that revealed itself in visions, general feelings, and premonitions. They also had the ability to locate individuals anywhere on Nirn by concentrating on that individual.


The Druids have harnessed the power of the magicka before the invasions from Telus including casting illusions. The illusion can be free standing or cast on another's countenance, altering their appearance.


Druidic magicka allowed the Druids to leave their bodies in invisible spirit form, a form of astral projection, which allowed the user to travel freely, unobserved with little physical reaction. They were also able to use magicka to blend in with their surroundings like a chameleon, to trick or elude enemies.

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