Olaf Blue-Skin

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Olaf Blue-Skin is a nord and ex-stormcloak who fought in the Skyrim Civil and afterwords befriended the Dragonborn Olmgar Thunder-Throat. His title Blue-Skin derives from him being a loyal and devout member of the Stormcloaks who wear blue and brownish armor. He is also the author of a novel called " The life of a Blue-coat: Skyrim's bears of Windhelm".

Life as a StormcloakEdit

In the Civilwar he befreinded Ralof of Riverwood and fought along side him until the very end. He was an exseptional worrior and used his war axe, shield, bow, and greatsword in battle while also dubbling as a skilled healer and medic. He was a fierce believer in Ulfric and loved his country which he hiked and walked around on a daily bases. Olaf traveled around Skyrim so much that he began a self perscribed Skooma regiment to ge him through the nights. He hated the Thalmor and killed them or wealthy imperal nobles on site which would bump up his bounty with both parties later on. The first time he met Olmgar was in the Rift when him and his men (Hroki, Roldis, Hienek, and Jala) aided Olmgar in killing some Thalmor in the autum forests. It is not know if he was the first one to refere to Olmgar as "Thunder-throat" back at the camp but some believe he was.

Post war struggle and triumphsEdit

After the seige of Windhelm and the death of his best friend Ralof, Olaf Blue-Skin went into a deprestion with flashs of rage and struggle to hold on to life as he lost hope. His dislike of the Dark elves became a all out loaving and soon he got into a fight with a Dark elf traveler in the grey quater which ressulted in him stabbing him. He was arrested by Imperial forces and was charged not only for the crime of assult on the dark elf but for his war crimes of killing Imperial nobles and Thalmor Justiaries. To his luck his was imprissioned by the Empire and not the Thalmor (who wanted his head on a platter) then sentanced to jail in Windhelm. His cousin wealthy and prominant Lokin bailed him out and offered him a room in his estate in the Velothi mountians near Windhelm but he refused and began wondering Skyrim stopping at inns to sleep and drink.


Durring one of his daily rants in the Dead man's drink tavern in Falkreath in his corrent state at the time he hatched a plan to assassinate High Queen Elisif. Olaf traveled to Morthal and went to the local alchemist and asked his old friend Lami to brew him the most potent poisin she could. When she asked who or what would recieve the concotion he told her he was planning on going hunting frost trolls and needed somthing with a kick so he could conserve arrows. She gave him three viles of the most deadly substence she could find. It was made of Jarrin root and with the rarity of the ingredient the three poisons together cost 10,000 septems. He could barely pay the price but in his mind it was worth every last coin. Next he went and tested one of the poisons on a Mammoth which died in near 5 seconds, which was to his liking so he went to college of Winerhold and requested for his lucky bow to be enchanted.

Olaf tested the double enchanted bow with one of the poisons on another mammoth and the beast die near instently. He geared up in his Stormcloak armor and planned the entire thing out. The one thing he was certin of is he would not be walking out of the Blue Palace that day. He got to Solitude and stopped at the Winking Skeever that night for some mead and rest. As he sat at the bar a stranger sat next to him. That stranger was Olmgar Thunder-throat, the very man who killed his frend Ralof. In his state of sorrow and rage he ask Olmgar why he killed his friend. Olmgar told him about his friendship with Ralof and how he still huants his dreams. The two talked the entire night and soon became well aquanted and Olaf was for the first time in years enjoying life. Olaf soon forgot all about the plan to kill Elisif and asked Olmgar to share a cup of the Cyrodiilic brandy he was saving for the end of the war when the Stormcloaks were supposed to win.
Cyrodiilic brandy

Olaf's bottle of Cyrodiilic brandy.

Olmgar even though not being a huge drinking exepted and shared it with his new friend. Olmgar left the inn late at night as Olaf retired to his room but before he went Olaf asked Olmgar to take the vile of poison and drop it into the bay on his way out and then gave him his bow as a gift of their friendship. Him and Olmgar began hunting together and is life inproved overtime but soon the Thalmor learned of his release from the Windhelm jail and sent a Khajiiti assassin named Do'shari to kill him. His first attemp was in Reach where Olmgar and Olaf where hunting. As he stocked them he found a rocky ledge and shot an arrow but becuase of a swift breeze that nocked it off course the arrow just misted Olafs head.

The next and finale attempt was at his cousin Lokin's Estate where Olmgar, Mjoll, and their now 1 year old son Tor where staying with Olaf and Lokin for a few weeks when Do'shari broke into the Estate with a squad of Thalmor


and attacked them. At end of the fight Olaf Barried his axe into Do'shari's chest then kicked him off the ledge into the cassym below. He and Mjoll atend to Loin's wounds (inflicted by Doshari) as Olmgar thought of their next move. They agree for Mjoll to take Tor back into Skyrim with Ohdaviing flying nearby as protection and then for Olmgar to take Lokin and Olaf across the border to Morrowind where they would be safe from the Thalmor. Olmgar did just that and as he bid his friend farwell at the town of Belemis he promised that when the day would come the two would meet on the battlefields of the second great war.

Life in MorrowindEdit

Even though his aditude towards Dark elves improved with him meeting Olmgar Olaf still was weary towards his new neighbors (he didn't like Khajiit, Argonians, and other elves to). From the town of Belemis Olaf and Lokin moved out of the Imperial section of Morrowind and to the Argonian half to Tear where not only Dark elves lived but also their Argonian Occupiers. They bought a house in Tear and started a Tavern called "Azura's Tear" where they served their signature drink the "Azura's tear" a poplar one among the locals. The tavern gave them a moderate source of income. Olaf worked at the tavern and served the guests and soon would meet a younge Dark elf woman named Aera. The to fell deeply in love and soon were courting and on their way to getting married.

She showed him Dunmeri culture and soon he began to like his new home and neighbors. Aera began living with them an worked at the tavern cooking bread and playing songs for the travelers and patrons of the town. After a while the tavern had become a very successful buisenees in Tear and allowing Olaf and Aera enough money to afford a wedding cerremony which Olmgar attended. The Thalmor seemingly thought that Do'shari had killed Olaf while failing to save his own life and stopped lookind for him. Olaf while misssing his homland of Skyrim now enjoyed free Talos whorship and Morrowind's Deversity.

(to be continued)

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