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Our Land
Political information
Type of government


Founding document

The forbidden Daedric Files

Head of State

Queen, King

Head of Government

Grand One


Dagon's blessed

Executive branch

Hircine's Council

Legislative branch

King, Queen

Judicial branch

Court of Hermaeus Mora

Societal information


Official language



Sanguine's Gold (Or Sangir)

State religious body

Daedra worship

National holiday

Azura's Dawning (Morning Star, 1), Sheogorath's Dohtayemyahkem (Sun's Dawn, 1), Sanguine's Re-Birth (Midyear, 27)


The Great song of Azura

Historical information
Date of establishment

3E, 400

Date of dissolution

7E, 693


Third era, Fourth era, Fifth era, Sixth era, Seventh era

The Kingdom of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht, or Our Land when translated in Tamrielic tongue, was an Island north of Skyrim. It was founded in the Third era, by Ayemyahkemekem (Aye) and Kavelia Hawkhart, along with a hundred others who made up the population. During its last years, millions of people, but mostly Khajiits, Argonians, Half-Dremora/Daedra and Nords populated the island.

Geography Edit

Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht had mountains to the north, and a large lake to the south. The island was very small compared to the rest of Tamriel, being only one hundreth the size of Cyrodiil.

Climate Edit

During the winter months, the whole island was effected. Blizzards were common throughout the island, but the worst storms always hit Serpantsoul. During the summer months, most of the island was warm, with the exception of Serpantsoul, that remained snowy throughout the year.

Major Settlements Edit

The three Cities Edit

Sorrowlock Edit

Sorrowlock was the capital of Our Land. It was designed by Kavelia Hawkhart, and was based after the Imperial City of Cyrodiil. It had four districts: the Grand Market, Citizen's district, Hawkheart and Azura's District. The Grand Market housed seventeen stores, two inns, one general store and much more. In the heart of the Market district was the Court of Hermaeus Mora, where all criminals were stored and watched, along with the Courthouse.

The Citizen's district was merely where the citizens of Sorrowlock lived. Muggers and pickpockets were common in this district, and all citizens were often told to hold their bags closely.

Hawkheart was the name of the Religious district. There were five shrines arranged in a circle for each of their main Daedric gods; Azura, Sanguine, Sheogorath, Hermaeus Mora and Mehrunes Dagon. In the center of the circle was the altar of Sorrowlock, where citizens received their daily blessing.

Azura's District was the home of Our Land's palace. The palace had two buildings, one for Hircine's Council and the other for the Council of Armies to meet.

Then, there was the Throne room, and the quarters of the King and Queen, and their family.


A close-up look at Tamriel's last province

Serpentsoul Edit

Serpentsoul was a city to the north of the island. It was always snowing, as it was on top of the highest mountain in Tamriel. There was a shrine, underground for Nocturnal. It was also known that Argonians and Khajiits were not permitted in the city, due to their uncleanliness. Serpentsoul was also known for its Vampire's Guild, Serpent's Fangs. Serpentsoul was known as the 'Evil City'.
Serpantsoul's first ruler was, ironically, an Argonian.

Starfield Edit

Starfield was the nicer of the three cities. It was next to Lake Firefrost, and was very beautiful at night. It was located to the east of Our Land. Shrines to Hircine and Clactivus Vile had been found in the city. Even though it was beautiful, Starfield was also home to an evil organization known as Starblood. It was a murderer's guild and so, only three members had been caught.

Villages Edit

Xire Edit

Xire was across Lake Firefrost, directly across from Starfield. It was the largest village in Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht, with twenty-one homes, with an inn, a hunting shop, and a general store. Xire was surrounded by trees, and was the only village not to be effected by the War for Daedric Freedom in 4E, 001.

Norveni Edit

Norveni was the smallest village on the island. It had several buildings, and one was an inn.

Skyrim's Fury Edit

Skyrim's Fury was originally a Skyrim War village. It was established in 4E 007, and was the first settlement to be destroyed during the Skyrim War II.

Warfare Edit

Armies Edit

Hircine's Warriors Edit

The first army of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht was named Hircine's Warriors. They were originally a band of mercenaries. Founded by Kavelia's husband, the King Lovellus Hawkhart, and her daughter, Roselia Hawkhart, Hircine's Warriors was the official army of Ohtyoodt Lyrayemnehtdoht for nearly three hundred years, until Dagon’s Army replaced it.

Dagon's Army Edit

King Lovellus II began Dagon's army five years after Hircine's Warriors were gone. The seal of the new army was two lions with a sword down the middle. Lovellus II started pointless wars with Skyrim, until a Skyrim assassin assassinated him. Dagon's Army was then taken over by King Lovellus III.

Wars Edit

Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht was involved in three wars until it finally fell in 7E, 693.

War for Daedric Freedom Edit

The War for Daedric Freedom occurred in 4E, 001, and ended in 4E, 004. It began when the King of Ohtyoodtroht, King Lovellus Hawkhart had heavy fines and executions for Daedra worship, in attempt to begin a peaceful life with the Nine Divines. Citizens of Sorrowlock, Starfield and Serpentsoul came together and formed an army, that they called the 'Daedric Army'. Led by Sorrowlock shopkeeper, Sunken-Bone the Argonian, the Daedric army managed to win over Lovellus. Lovellus was killed and replaced by his sixteen-year-old son, King Lovellus II, since the people adored him.

Skyrim War I Edit

Lovellus II sent a threatening note to the officials of Skyrim, that ignited a war in 4E, 007. Skyrim managed to sail close enough to set up a village called 'Skyrim's Fury'. Their Nordic leader, Uras Talonblade became famous during those events when he marched through Starfield with seventy-nine prisoners and burned them all before the Starblood count. Then, Uras continued towards Serpantsoul, and had fifty of his men killed before he managed to capture the city. Around one hundred died that day. Then, to finish Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht, Uras stormed through the Sorrowlock Market district before he, along with all four hundred and sixty two soldiers, was killed by Lovellus' elite army.

Skyrim War II Edit

Nearly three thousand years after Skyrim War I, King Jarev Hawkhart X was murdered by a Starblood assassin. His wife, Yakari Hawkhart blamed Skyrim for his death. She attacked Skyrim villages until she started a war in 7E, 687. The Skyrim army fought back and completely destroyed Starfield three weeks after the war started. Then, Yakari brought in help from Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht's ally, Morrowind. Little did they know, Skyrim also had Cyrodiil on their side. With help from the Legion officers Cyrodiil sent Skyrim, They destroyed villages, such as Xire and Norveni, until they reached Sorrowlock in 7E, 693. They stormed through the districts and arrived at Azura's District, and the Skyrim commander, Ivalie Jorrenne planned to capture the Queen and kill her in Skyrim. However, the queen knew her fate, and drank poison. She was dead by the time the army reached her. Ivalie also cut off the Statue of Azura's head in front of the palace to mark Skyrim's victory.

Culture Edit

Religion Edit

Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht worshipped Daedric gods, mostly. Some secret organizations, however, worshiped the current King or Queen. Their main Daedric gods were Azura, Sanguine, Sheogorath, Hermaeus Mora, and Mehrunes Dagon. Azura was said to be their Goddess of family, watching over things such as Childbirth, marriage, children and food. Sanguine was said to be the God of 'Good Times', making sure no one was ever bored. Sheogorath was the God of Protection, as he was said to make his followers mad and paranoid. Hermaeus Mora was their God of Justice, the court and fate. Lastly, Mehrunes Dagon was Ohtyoodtroht's god of War. The other Daedric gods were worshipped, but not as much as the main five.

Religious holidays Edit

Sanguine's Rebirth was the only religious holiday Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht had. It began on the 27th of Midyear, to ask Sanguine for a good and happy summer.

The Crowning Edit

Crowning a new king or Queen was considered a religious activity. The King or Queen-to-be would make their way to Sorrowlock, and stand in front of the Statue to Azura. Then, the relic of Sorrowlock, the Mystical Cessrohtohtwebneht dohtekem Ayemzyryoodtrohtayem would be placed upon their head, and the priests of Azura would chant mystical daedric chants, and ask the gods for the Queen or King's protection.

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