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Ofilia Lesana Stacker was the first daughter and second-born Imperial child to Imperial Guard Captain Korvan Stacker II and Mage's Guild Magician Jade Mara-Stacker. She followed in her mother’s footsteps by joining the Mage's Guild when she was seventeen. She died at age 42 as a Warlock, having surpassed her mother.


Family HistoryEdit

Ofilia was born to Imperial Guard Captain Korvan Stacker II and the Magician of the Mage's Guild in her family, Jade Mara-Stacker. Her siblings, Torfas the older and Korvan III, Nessanna, and Elisre all her younger brothers.

Early LifeEdit

Jade and Korvan II both built wooden targets so that she could teach most of the kids spells. Ofilia was learning Conjuration, Destruction, and Restoration magic, even got help from Jade's fellow mages to learn Illusion spells and alchemy. Nessanna spent time working on telekinetic Mysticism and invisibility Illusion spells. Torfas learned a minor healing spells and left it at that. Elisre only wanted to learn to use spells for unlocking doors. However, Korvan III spent enough time to nearly master Conjuration, Mysticism, and Restoration spells by the age of thirteen. Her brothers and Nessanna both learned to fight without the use of spells from her father.

Ofilia mostly kept to herself aside from when she was training with her mother or mother's friend.

Family DeathsEdit

When Ofilia was merely fourteen, her sister, Nassanna, disappeared without a trace. Her parents would later be killed by Dark Brotherhood members. Torfas was also be found dead just before she would turn 29.

The Mage's GuildEdit

Having already been trained by powerful Magicians, Ofilia was able to ascend the ranks quickly to Magician within the Mage's Guild. By the time she had become an Evoker she had married into a semi-wealthy family who lived in the expensive King and Queen Inn in the Imperial City. Once recieving her rank as Magician, Ofilia set out to begin testing her skills on real threats for better practice. At first she was doing some of the more mundane jobs, such as weeding out infestations of certain plants taking root inside a building or dealing with certain magincal creatures. But when she got better she was sent out with teams investigating disturbances from old splinter groups left behind from Mannimarco as well as taking a look into a recent assassinations happening throughout the country. By the time she made it to Warlock, she had exposed some of the Dark Brotherhood members and had even led an attack on a cell in Leyawiin where Ofilia believes her sister Nassanna took part in the combat yet escaped with another Dark Brotherhood member wearing a black hooded robe.

She has also been involved in minor skirmishes with Argonian mercenaries to the East of Cyrodiil along side Imperial Battlemages. She was known to travel Cyrodiil every two or three years, visiting each of the Mage's Guilds that remained and teaching some of the lost arts as well as studying some of the local flora and fauna in nearby caves.

During her time in the Mage's Guild she heard rumors of another Korvan Stacker who once lived in Morrowind, however she never went there to validate the rumors thanks to the violence and unrest after the explosion of Red Mountain on the island of Vvardenfell, the conflict with the Argonians and the uprisings due to the reign of Queen Barenzia's kin.

She had far more extensive knowledge of the Flora and Fauna of all of the province of Cyrodiil than most of the Mage's Guild as well as some of the most experience with high-level combat magic and the use of summoned weapons, surpassed only by a Master-Warlock and the Archmage.


Ofilia was merely interested in the Mage's Guild, following in her mother's footsteps - even surpassing her deceased mother becoming a Master Wizard.

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