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Nola Maenn
Biographical information

Necromancer (Formerly), Mage




Whiterun (moved to Chorrol)

  • Basch Maenn (Son)
  • Ashelia Selida-Maenn (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Cynthia Maenn (Distant Descendant)
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Chronological and political information

Necromancer Adept (Formerly), Arch-Mage


Mage's Guild, Empire of Tamriel

Nola Maenn was once a Necromancer that was saved from the Vampire Scar'ir by the individual that would not long after become known the Hero of Kvatch. She then served him as a companion, along with the Battlehorn Man-At-Arms Kron Prius and a Frost Atronach. She later joined the Mage's Guild and, despite her still-compulsive use of Necromancy, became trusted by then-Arch-Mage Traven. She later became the Arch-Mage of the Mage's Guild after defeating Mannimarco, which also led to her 'addiction' to Necromancy fading. She also had many descendants, the most famous of which is the Dragonborn, Cynthia Maenn. It is rumored that Nola and Martin Septim, during the time that the latter was a Daedra Worshipper, had a relationship that, over the next 2 centuries, eventually led to Cynthia Maenn. This rumor is further credited when it was discovered that Cynthia was able to bear the Shard of Kings, the last remnant of the Amulet of Kings.


Early LifeEdit

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Later Life/DeathEdit


When she died, Nola Maenn was buried in her native home of Skyrim.

Around 123 years after her death, her tomb was intruded on by a Necromancer, who, unable to tame Nola's spirit, instead took her body and controlled it. In distress, Nola's spirit called out to her descendants for help. One of them, the Dragonborn Cynthia Maenn, answered. With Cynthia's help, Nola was able to destroy the Necromancer. In thanks, she bestowed upon her descendant the Worm-Killer Sword, the blade Nola used to slay Mannimarco with. Finally, with her body finally at rest, and her legacy passed on to a new generation, Nola's spirit finally departed this world.