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Noise Problem is a quest given by a farmer near Falkreath, to stop the noise distrubing their sleep in Dethadramez.


Go to a farmer living nearby east Falkreath, and he will complain that him and his family living in a tiny shack with thin walls can't sleep at night because of a nearby Dwarven Ruin nearby, so he can't do good farming, and he don't make money to live and have food, so he sends the Dragonborn to stop it. So you do, and on the way you meet a mage named Syncal Valurius, who has a story of his own, and in reward, 200 gold, and 15 potato plants.


The Farmer will not give the quest; PS3, PC.

The Farmer will not give you the key the the ruin; 360, PS3. (Note: The Bandit Chief outside the ruin has a key)

The Key dosen't open into the ruin; PC, 360, PS3.

Syncal Valurius is not there; PC.