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Nippon-koku, or for short Nippon. Is a land far east of Tamriel and just short south of Akavir on the planet Nirn. Before the serpent folk of the Tsaesci ate the men of the east Nippon was a province of the continent and the home land of the Nipponese people, or Nihon in native Nipponese.

The men of the east however are still alive on Nippon. After being forced off Akavir by the Tsaesci and the other beast races of the land, the Nipponese fled back to the homeland in order to survive. Nippon is able to escape the grasp of the races of Akavir by the Sea of Mist, a chart of water that no Akaviri fleet can navigate. However; while this protects the land, it also isolates it.

While Akavir means "Dragon Land," Nippon is identified as "Hino moto," or "Sun's Dawn" by Cyrodillic translation.


  • Mythic Era-

According to Nipponese legend. The lament of Men; Shaoski dipped his blade into the ocean. As he withdrew his blade, eight drops of water fell from the sharpest tip. These eight drops fell back into the ocean and formed the islands of Nippon. The Mother Goddess, Yuri looked down at Shaoski's creation but was not fully happy. She then looked across to Akavir and saw it was filled with horrid beasts.

Yuri offered herself to Shaoski, in agreement that he will breath life into her children that she so longs for. Shaoski agrees to her offer and Yuri becomes his concubine and the Nipponese people are born. In order for the Nipponese to survive Yuri asks Aanago, Spirit of the Forge to teach them to art of swordmaking. Kanamora, Goddess of the land, for them to learn how to farm and live off her labor and finally she approached Akatojii; Dragon lord and ruler of all Gods and Spirits. Yuri knew that Shaoski did not share the love for her children as she did and so begged Akatojii to protect them from all forms of evil.

Moved by the love she supressed for mortal creatures. The Dragon Lord gave his word that no harm shall come of them.

  • First Era -

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